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Thomas C. Power American politician

Thomas Charles Power was Republican senator from Montana and American businessman. He was born near Dubuque, Iowa, on May 22, 1839. He attended public school and graduated from Sinsinawa College with a degree in engineering. He then worked as a surveyor in Dakota until 1860. Between 1861 and 1867, he was engaged in trade along the Mississippi River, eventually becoming president of a steamer line.

Thomas S. Power United States general

General Thomas Sarsfield Power was commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command and an active military flier for more than 30 years.

Thomas Power was an Irish republican socialist, also known as Ta Power, who was a leading member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) and Irish National Liberation Army (INLA). According to the Irish Republican Socialist Movement (IRSM) biography page on Power, he was "from Friendly Street in the Markets area of south Belfast, he had been in the Official IRA but joined the INLA in 1975 while a prisoner in Long Kesh." Aged 33, he was shot and killed on 20 January 1987 in Rosnaree Hotel on the Dublin Road, outside Drogheda in County Louth, Ireland, alongside with INLA leader John O'Reilly. Another man, Hugh Torney, was injured, by the Irish People's Liberation Organisation, which was largely composed of former INLA members, as he arrived to negotiate a truce.

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