Thomas Richardson

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Thomas or Tom Richardson may refer to:

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John Williams is an American composer, conductor and pianist.

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Thomas Moore (1779–1852) was an Irish poet, songwriter, singer, novelist, and historian.

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Wilkinson is an English surname of Norman origin. It is a variant of Williamson, derived from a variant of William, Wilkin, brought to the Anglo-Scottish border during the Norman conquest. At the time of the British Census of 1881, the relative frequency of the surname Wilkinson was highest in Westmorland, followed by Yorkshire, County Durham, Lincolnshire, Cumberland, Northumberland, Lancashire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire. People named Wilkinson include:

Gill may be a surname or given name, derived from a number of unrelated sources:

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Foley is a surname which originated in Ireland, in the southeast Munster region. The name is derived from the original modern Irish Ó Foghlú and older Irish Ó Foghladha, meaning "plunderer". The Lord of the Decies was a title attributed to some early Foleys.

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