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Thomas, Tommy or Tom Roberts may refer to:


Arts and entertainment

Thomas Roberts (painter) Irish artist

Thomas Roberts was an Irish landscape artist, who was born about 1749 and died in 1778.

Thomas Roberts (1765/66–1841) was a Welsh radical writer.

Thomas Steven Roberts was an English designer and fashion entrepreneur who operated prominent independent retail outlets including pop art boutique, Mr Freedom, and the 1980s decorative arts and homewares store, Practical Styling.


Sir Thomas Roberts, 4th Baronet was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons between 1691 and 1702.

Thomas Robert Roberts

Thomas Robert Roberts was a tinsmith and member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly.

Tommy Ed Roberts was an American politician and businessman.


Thomas Roberts was a professional footballer who played 120 games in The Football League as an inside forward and wing half for Bristol Rovers between 1925 and 1930.

Thomas Roberts is an American soccer player who currently plays for FC Dallas in Major League Soccer.

William Thomas Roberts was an English professional footballer who played for Soho Villa, Leicester Fosse, Preston North End, Burnley, Tottenham Hotspur, Dick, Kerr's, Chorley and England at international level.


Thomas Francis Roberts (1860–1919) was a Welsh academic and second Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Thomas Hagen Roberts was an American jurist.

Thomas Roberts (bishop) Catholic archbishop

Thomas d'Esterre Roberts was an English Jesuit priest. He was rector of St Francis Xavier’s, Liverpool, from 1935 to 1937. He was Archbishop of Bombay, India, from 1937 to 1950 but in practice did not exercise this role after 1946 when he absented himself from the post and left his Indian auxiliary bishop effectively in charge. In 1950 he was appointed titular Archbishop of Sugdaea, modern Sudak.

Fictional people

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