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Dangerous Ground, Spratly Islands, South China Sea
First Thomas Shoal

First Thomas Shoal, also known as Bulig Shoal in the Philippines, Bãi Suối Ngà in Vietnam, and 信义礁 in China, is an uninhabited reef/atoll located 29 nautical miles south of Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea.

Second Thomas Shoal

Second Thomas Shoal is a shoal/atoll in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea, 105 nautical miles west of Palawan, Philippines. Claimed by several nations, the shoal is currently militarily occupied by the Philippines.

Third Thomas Shoal

Third Thomas Shoal, known as Banko Thomas in the Philippines, Bãi Đồng Cam in Vietnam, and 和平暗沙 in China, is a shoal/atoll in the north-west of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. It is located 7.5 nautical miles north of Flat island, and 73 nautical miles north of Mischief Reef.

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A screw-pile lighthouse is a lighthouse which stands on piles that are screwed into sandy or muddy sea or river bottoms. The first screw-pile lighthouse to begin construction was built by blind Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell. Construction began in 1838 at the mouth of the Thames and was known as the Maplin Sands lighthouse, and first lit in 1841. However, though its construction began later, the Wyre Light in Fleetwood, Lancashire, was the first to be lit.

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Shoal A natural landform that rises from the bed of a body of water to near the surface and is covered by unconsolidated material

In oceanography, geomorphology, and earth sciences, a shoal is a natural submerged ridge, bank, or bar that consists of, or is covered by, sand or other unconsolidated material, and rises from the bed of a body of water to near the surface. Often it refers to those submerged ridges, banks, or bars that rise near enough to the surface of a body of water as to constitute a danger to navigation. Shoals are also known as sandbanks, sandbars, or gravelbars. Two or more shoals that are either separated by shared troughs or interconnected by past or present sedimentary and hydrographic processes are referred to as a shoal complex.

French Frigate Shoals The largest atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

The French Frigate Shoals is the largest atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Its name commemorates French explorer Jean-François de La Pérouse, who nearly lost two frigates when attempting to navigate the shoals. It consists of a 20-mile (32 km) long crescent-shaped reef, twelve sandbars, and the 120-foot (37 m) high La Perouse Pinnacle, the only remnant of its volcanic origins. The total land area of the islets is 61.508 acres (24.891 ha). Total coral reef area of the shoals is over 232,000 acres (94,000 ha). Tern Island, with an area of 26.014 acres (10.527 ha), has a landing strip and permanent habitations for a small number of people. It is maintained as a field station in the Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The French Frigate Shoals are about 487 nautical miles northwest of Honolulu.

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Scarborough Shoal atoll and reef in the South China Sea

Scarborough Shoal, also known as Panatag Shoal ,, Bajo de Masinloc (Spanish), Huangyan Islets, and Democracy Reef are two rocks in a shoal located between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon island in the South China Sea.

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James Shoal

James Shoal, also called Beting Serupai in Malaysia and Zengmu Reef in Greater China, is a small bank in the South China Sea, with a depth of 22 metres (72 ft), located about 45 nautical miles off the Borneo coast of Malaysia. It is claimed by Malaysia, the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of China (Taiwan). The shoal and its surrounds are administered by Malaysia.

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Shoaling and schooling

In biology, any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are shoaling, and if the group is swimming in the same direction in a coordinated manner, they are schooling. In common usage, the terms are sometimes used rather loosely. About one quarter of fish species shoal all their lives, and about one half shoal for part of their lives.

Scarborough Shoal standoff

The Scarborough Shoal standoff refers to tensions between China (PRC) and the Philippines which began on April 8, 2012 over the Philippine Navy apprehension of eight mainland Chinese fishing vessels in the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

Dangerous Ground (South China Sea) large area in the southeast part of the South China Sea

Dangerous Ground is a large area in the southeast part of the South China Sea characterized by many low islands and cays, sunken reefs, and atolls awash, with reefs often rising abruptly from ocean depths greater than 1000m.

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