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Shrewsbury was a parliamentary constituency in England, centred on the town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

Thomas Skinner was a master of the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers and a London Alderman. He was elected Sheriff in 1587 and Lord Mayor of London in 1596. He gave to several hospitals in and about London.

Thomas Gregory Skinner American politician

Thomas Gregory Skinner was a U.S. Representative from North Carolina, brother of Harry Skinner.


Thomas Skinner was a Colchester physician and historical writer.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Skinner was a British military engineer born in England at Berwick-upon-Tweed. He died at Le Havre, France.

Thomas Skinner, was a British soldier and author. He commanded the 31st Foot in the First Anglo-Afghan War in 1842 and 1843. While there he was made a C.B. and brevet lieutenant-colonel. In 1832 he had published Excursions in India and four years later Adventures during a Journey Overland to India.

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Ceylon Defence Force (CDF) was established in 1910 by the Ceylonese legislation Ceylon Defence Force Ordinance, which reformed the Ceylon Volunteer Force (CVF) that existed previously as the military reserve in the British Crown colony of Ceylon. At the time of forming it was only a reserve force but soon developed into a regular force responsible for the defence of Ceylon. The CDF was under the command of the General Officer Commanding, Ceylon of the British Army in Ceylon if mobilized. However mobilization could be carried out only under orders from the Governor.

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Thomas Maitland (British Army officer) British Army officer

Lieutenant General The Right Honourable Sir Thomas Maitland was a British soldier and colonial governor. He also served as a Member of Parliament for Haddington from 1790–1796, 1802–06 and 1812–13. He was made a Privy Councillor on 23 November 1803. He was the second surviving son of James Maitland, 7th Earl of Lauderdale and the younger brother of James Maitland, 8th Earl of Lauderdale. Maitland never married.

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Events from the year 1879 in Ireland.

Thomas Skinner (Ceylon) British soldier and civil servant in Ceylon

Major Thomas Bridges Boucher Skinner was a British Army officer and engineer. He was a prominent road builder in Ceylon.

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Sir Rupert De la Bère, 1st Baronet, was a British businessman, soldier, and Conservative Party politician. He was the 625th Lord Mayor of London.

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The King's Birthday Honours 1901 were announced 9 November 1901, the birthday of the new monarch Edward VII. The list included appointments to various orders and honours of the United Kingdom and British India.

Events from the year 1835 in Scotland.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 1900 were announced on 23 May 1900 in celebration of the birthday of Queen Victoria. The list included appointments to various orders and honours of the United Kingdom and British India.

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