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Thomas T Adamson-Coumbousis is the Culture Correspondent for Associated Press based in Paris. He is formerly a presenter and journalist for the global newschannel, France 24. Until 2007, Adamson filmed and reported for Channel 4 News at ITN.



Adamson was educated at UCL and City University in London and La Sorbonne in Paris. He speaks French, Italian and Greek.

Professional Work

Adamson broke the story that billionaire donors who pledged money to rebuild Notre Dame cathedral hadn't paid a penny toward the restoration. The story caused several donors to make their first downpayment, totalling 20 million euros. Adamson started in print at Associated Press in Paris in 2003. His foray into TV began on French design program Paris Modes, where he covered the catwalks at London Fashion Week.

He then worked as TF1's UK producer covering the aftermath of the 7/7 bomb attacks, and at GMTV's politics show The Sunday Programme where he produced their Climate Change special.

Since More4's launch in 2005, Adamson reported on Culture and European news, and has been dispatched to Belgium and France and has also reported on the closure of the window brothels in Amsterdam, [1] and the plight of the Greek economy after the Athens Olympic Games. [2] His reports include Life After Death Row: The Exonerated, Are Early Day Motions Pointless?, Pentagon's Plans for a Gay Bomb and The L Word Goes Interactive.

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