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Thomas Thomas known by his Welsh surname Aptommas (1829-1913) was a Welsh harpist and composer-arranger.

T. H. Thomas Welsh artist

Thomas Henry Thomas was a Welsh artist particularly active in Cardiff. He was also interested in botany, geology, history, and archaeology which were often the subjects of his art works. He was a Fellow of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art which was established in 1881. He was a leading force behind the founding of the National Museum of Wales and in the use of the red dragon symbolizing Wales.

Thomas L. Thomas Welsh singer

Thomas Llyfnwy Thomas was a Welsh American baritone concert singer who achieved fame for his performances both in concert halls and on television and radio, most notably on The Voice of Firestone, where he was the most frequently featured singer. His concert repertoire included lieder, opera arias, ballads, spirituals and songs from musical theatre and operetta.


Thomas Thomas is a former Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore. He is currently the chief executive officer of the Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Network. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director of the Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which serves as the national CSR society in Singapore, which is the country network and focal point of the United Nations Global Compact.


Thomas Thomas (architect) Welsh architect

Thomas Thomas was a Welsh church minister and chapel architect, also known as Thomas Glandŵr. He is described as "the first national architect of Wales" and the "unchallenged master of chapel architecture in Wales in the 1860s".

Thomas Thomas was a Welsh Anglican clergyman. He was noted for his parish ministry in Caernarfon, particularly for his educational work in building schools and helping to found the North Wales Training College.

Thomas Llewellyn Thomas was a Welsh Anglican clergyman and scholar of the Welsh language. He wrote poems in English, Latin and Welsh and worked on a Basque translation of the Old Testament. He was a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford for twenty-five years, including fifteen years as Vice-Principal, but failed to be elected Principal in 1895, losing out to John Rhys.


Thomas John Thomas OBE was a Welsh international footballer. He was part of the Wales national football team, playing 2 matches. He played his first match on 19 February 1898 against Ireland and his last match on 19 March 1898 against Scotland.

Thomas Thomas (boxer) Welsh boxer

Thomas "Tom" Thomas, was a Welsh boxer, the first British middleweight boxing champion.

Thomas Thomas, widely known as "Dr. T. Thomas", was the first cardio-thoracic surgeon of Indian citizenship, as well as a prolific author and poet.

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Tom Thomas was a baseball player.

Thomas is a common surname of English, Welsh, Scottish, French, German, Dutch, and Danish origin.

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