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Thomas White is a Brighton, England-based songwriter, singer, musician, producer and visual artist. Educated at Davigdor Infants, Somerhill Juniors and Hove Park schools, he began learning the piano at the age of 5, picking up the violin a year later and teaching himself guitar, drums and clarinet in his early teens. White formed his first band at the age of 13, with his brother, Alex, and school-friend Alistair Gavan. He signed his first record deal whilst still 16 and studying for his GCSEs.

<i>Tom White</i> (film) 2004 film by Alkinos Tsilimidos

Tom White is a 2004 film directed by Alkinos Tsilimidos. The film was released in Australian cinemas on 19 August 2004 and played until 1 September 2004. The film premiered on 31 July 2004 at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It was also screened at the Cannes Film Market on 13 May 2004; the Pusan International Film Festival on 10 October 2004; Australian Film Festival (Singapore) on 11 March 2005; the Commonwealth Film Festival on 4 May 2005 and at the Saint-Tropez Festival of the Antipodes (France) on 20 October 2005. The film was scored by Paul Kelly and the Boon Companions: Dan Kelly, Dan Luscombe, Peter Luscombe and Bill MacDonald.

<i>A-Haunting We Will Go</i> (1942 film) 1942 film by Alfred L. Werker

A-Haunting We Will Go is a 1942 Laurel and Hardy feature film released by 20th Century Fox and directed by Alfred L. Werker. The story is credited to Lou Breslow and Stanley Rauh. The title is a play on the song "A-Hunting We Will Go".


Thomas White was an Irish American Patriot who took part in the Boston Tea Party, was a member of the Sons of Liberty, and served under General Washington in the American Revolution.

Thomas D. White US Air Force general

General Thomas Dresser White was the fourth Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.

Thomas E. White American Army General

Thomas Eugene White Jr. is an American businessman and former United States Army officer who served as senior executive at the now collapsed Enron and as the United States Secretary of the Army from May 31, 2001 until April 25, 2003.



Rochester was a parliamentary constituency in Kent. It returned two members of parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons of England from 1295 to 1707, then to the House of Commons of Great Britain from 1708 to 1800, and finally to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 until the 1885 general election, when its representation was reduced to one seat.

Thomas White, of Leominster, Herefordshire, was an English politician.

Lewes (UK Parliament constituency) Parliamentary constituency in the United Kingdom, 1868 onwards

Lewes is a constituency in East Sussex represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2015 by Maria Caulfield, a Conservative.


Charles White was the mayor of San Jose, California from 1851 to 1854.

Thomas White, Jr. was a member of the New York City Council from Queens. A Democrat, he represented the 28th Council District, which includes the neighborhoods of Jamaica, South Jamaica, and Richmond Hill.

Tom White (Nebraska politician) American politician

Tom White is a former member of the unicameral Nebraska Legislature from Omaha, Nebraska. He represented the 8th District, which consists of the Benson and Dundee neighborhoods in Omaha.


Thomas White (Canadian politician) Canadian politician, born 1830

Thomas White, was a Canadian journalist and politician.

Thomas White (Australian politician) Australian aviator and politician

Sir Thomas Walter White, was an Australian politician and First World War pilot. In 1914 he became one of the first airmen trained for the Australian Flying Corps (AFC), and the following year was among the first AFC members to see action when he was deployed to the Middle East with the Mesopotamian Half Flight. After carrying out several missions behind Turkish lines, he was captured in November 1915 but escaped in July 1918. White was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and twice mentioned in despatches for his war service. He married Vera Deakin, a Red Cross worker and daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin, in 1920.


Thomas White (c.1550–1624) was an English clergyman, founder of Sion College, London, and of White's professorship of moral philosophy at the University of Oxford. Thomas Fuller in Worthies of England acquits him of being a pluralist or usurer; he made a number of other bequests, and was noted in his lifetime for charitable gifts.

Thomas White (scholar) English Roman Catholic priest and scholar

Thomas White (1593–1676) was an English Roman Catholic priest and scholar, known as a theologian, censured by the Inquisition, and also as a philosopher contributing to scientific and political debates.

Thomas White (bishop) bishop of Peterborough

Thomas White (1628–1698) was Bishop of Peterborough from 1685 to 1690.



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