Thomas Whyte

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Thomas Whyte may refer to:

Thomas Whyte LL.D. was an English academic administrator at the University of Oxford.

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Thomas Wight was a publisher and draper.

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Ralph Hutchinson (1553?-1606) was an English clergyman and academic, President of St John's College, Oxford and a translator of the Authorised King James Version.

Ralph Ravens was an English clergyman and academic. He was nominated in 1604 as one of the translators for the Authorised King James Version, in the Second Oxford Company, but his status is unclear. It is said that he was substituted, for reasons unknown, and did not actually take part in the project. It has been suggested that the Second Oxford Company, in which Richard Edes had died, had two substitutes, namely Leonard Hutten and John Aglionby. On the other hand, Ravens may have taken part in early meetings as a Greek scholar.

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