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Shropshire is a former United Kingdom Parliamentary constituency. It was a constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of England, then of the Parliament of Great Britain from 1707 to 1800, and of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1832. It was represented by two Knights of the Shire. It was divided between the constituencies of North Shropshire and South Shropshire in 1832.

Winchelsea was a parliamentary constituency in Sussex, which elected two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons from 1366 until 1832, when it was abolished by the Great Reform Act.

Bristol was a two-member constituency, used to elect members to the House of Commons in the Parliaments of England, Great Britain (1707–1800) and the United Kingdom. The constituency existed until Bristol was divided into single member constituencies in 1885.


Captain Thomas James Young, VC was a Royal Navy officer and a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

Thomas Young (VC) Victoria Cross recipient

Thomas Young VC was a British recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

Tomas Young American soldier, war protester

Tomas Young was an American military veteran of the Iraq War. In 2004, he was wounded and paralyzed by a bullet to the spine five days after he reached Iraq. One of the first veterans to come out publicly against the war, Young actively protested against the war after he returned to the United States. When his physical condition worsened in 2013 due to various medical complications, Young chose to go into hospice care. He later reversed that decision and accepted medical treatment until he died in 2014.


Thomas Young was a Scottish amateur football outside left who played in the Scottish League for Queen's Park and Queen of the South. He was capped by Scotland at amateur level.

Thomas Young is a Welsh rugby union player. A flanker, who plays rugby for Wasps in the Aviva Premiership having previously been played for Cardiff Blues. Whilst under contract with the Cardiff Blues, he also played for Cardiff RFC and Pontypridd RFC. He is the son of former Wales international Dai Young.

Thomas Young is a British Paralympic swimmer. He represented Britain at the 2012 London Paralympics and has won medals at both the long course and short course World Championships.


Thomas Young (1507–1568) was a Bishop of St David's and Archbishop of York (1561–1568).

Thomas Young was a Scottish Presbyterian minister and theologian, resident in England and a member of the Westminster Assembly. He was the major author of the Smectymnuus group of leading Puritan churchmen. He was also Master of Jesus College, Cambridge, and is known as the tutor to John Milton from the age of about ten.

Thomas Young was doctor, philosopher and a member of the Boston Committee of Correspondence and an organizer of the Boston Tea Party. Young was a mentor and teacher to Ethan Allen.

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Thomas Young Duncan New Zealand politician

Thomas Young Duncan was a New Zealand politician of the Liberal Party.

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