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Thompson Media Group, LLC, originally established as Thompson Publishing Group, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Richard E. Thompson. Thompson Media Group is an American privately held media company that specializes in providing compliance, regulatory, and market information through its four operating units: Thompson Information Services, The Performance Institute & American Strategic Management Institute, AHC & BioWorld, and Sheshunoff Information Services, A.S. Pratt, & Alex Information (collectively, SIS). [1] [2] Thompson Media Group, LLC, is based in Washington, DC. Thompson Media Group LLC established their name during reorganization in 2011. [3]


In 2013, Thompson sold its properties:

Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS) is an American company that serves as a publisher of reference works, online databases, and mailing lists. It was founded in 1974 and is based in Bethesda, Maryland. CBIS provides users with compliance resources and training, print directories, online databases, and customized data delivery.

Thomson Reuters Canada-based media company

Thomson Reuters Corporation is a Canadian multinational media conglomerate. The company was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where it is headquartered at 333 Bay Street.

LexisNexis is a corporation providing computer-assisted legal research (CALR) as well as business research and risk management services. During the 1970s, LexisNexis pioneered the electronic accessibility of legal and journalistic documents. As of 2006, the company has the world's largest electronic database for legal and public-records related information.


Thompson Publishing Group is a privately held law and education books publishing company that was founded in 1972 by Richard E. Thompson under the name of Thompson Publishing Group and based in Washington, DC. [8] The Group publishes subscription-based regulatory & compliance information. [9] Thompson was reorganized under the name Thompson Media Group LLC (TMG) in 2011. [10]

The Performance Institute and American Strategic Management Institute

In 2007, Thompson Publishing Group, now Thompson Media Group acquired The Performance Institute and The American Strategic Management Institute from founder Carl DeMaio. The Performance Institute is a private, non-partisan think-tank in the United States that specializes in improving government results through the principles of performance, transparency and accountability. [11]

Carl DeMaio American politician

Carl David DeMaio is an American politician from San Diego, California. DeMaio hosts a daily news and politics show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO during the afternoon drive. DeMaio also serves as Chairman of Reform California which wages campaigns against tax increases and advocates for a variety of government reforms.

AHC Media

In August 2006, Thompson Publishing Group acquired a leading provider of healthcare information products AHC Media. AHC Media operates as a publisher of health care newsletters in the fields of clinical medicine, health care management, biotechnology, and medical devices. The company was founded in 1974 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. [12] AHC also provides accredited continuing education for physicians, nurses, & pharmacists. [13] The combined company has a diverse portfolio of publications and services representing more than 350 print and electronic products as well as hundreds of conferences serving approximately 135,000 customers. [14]

Health care Prevention of disease and promotion of wellbeing

Health care, health-care, or healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people. Health care is delivered by health professionals in allied health fields. Physicians and physician associates are a part of these health professionals. Dentistry, midwifery, nursing, medicine, optometry, audiology, pharmacy, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy and other health professions are all part of health care. It includes work done in providing primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care, as well as in public health.

Biotechnology Use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products

Biotechnology is the broad area of biology involving living systems and organisms to develop or make products, or "any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use". Depending on the tools and applications, it often overlaps with the (related) fields of molecular biology, bio-engineering, biomedical engineering, biomanufacturing, molecular engineering, etc.

Medical device Equipment designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions

A medical device is any device intended to be used for medical purposes. Thus what differentiates a medical device from an everyday device is its intended use. Medical devices benefit patients by helping health care providers diagnose and treat patients and helping patients overcome sickness or disease, improving their quality of life. Significant potential for hazards are inherent when using a device for medical purposes and thus medical devices must be proved safe and effective with reasonable assurance before regulating governments allow marketing of the device in their country. As a general rule, as the associated risk of the device increases the amount of testing required to establish safety and efficacy also increases. Further, as associated risk increases the potential benefit to the patient must also increase.

Sheshunoff | Pratt

In 2005, Thompson Publishing Group acquired Sheshunoff Information Services (SIS; Austin, TX) from company founders Gabrielle Sheshunoff, other management and investment firm Austin Ventures (Austin, TX). [15]

Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions (SCS) is a company that provides consulting and advisory services to the financial services industry. It was founded in 1971 as Sheshunoff Information Services, was later sold away from and then back to Sheshunoff Management Services, and then re-named Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. SCS focuses on management consulting, risk management, technology solutions, and investment banking.

Austin Ventures (AV) is a private equity firm focused on venture capital and growth equity investments in business services and supply chain, financial services, new media, Internet, and information services companies nationally with a focus on Texas. The firm, which is based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 1984. AV has raised approximately $3.9 billion since inception across ten private equity funds. In September 2008, the firm announced the closing of Austin Ventures X with $900 million of investor commitments which will be used to fund start-up capital for emerging companies and growth capital for expansion rounds and recapitalizations.

In 2013, LexisNexis, together with Reed Elsevier Properties SA, acquired publishing brands and businesses of Sheshunoff and A.S. Pratt from Thompson Media Group. [16]

Sheshunoff Information Services, A.S. Pratt, & Alex Information (collectively, SIS), founded in 1972, [17] is a print and electronic publishing company that provides information to financial and legal professionals in the banking industry, as well as online training and solutions [18] for financial institutions. SIS was founded in 1971 by Alex and Gabrielle Sheshunoff. The company became recognized for providing guidance and analysis to the banking industry. In 1988 Thomson Media, a division Thomson Reuters, acquired the company. Separately, the Sheshunoffs began publishing Alex Information products.

In 1995 SIS acquired A.S. Pratt & Sons. Established in 1933, "Pratt's Letter" is believed to be the second oldest continuously published newsletter in the country behind "Kiplinger's Washington Letter," which began publication in 1923. A.S. Pratt is a provider of regulatory law and compliance work solutions for the financial services industry. [19]

Gabrielle Sheshunoff returned in 2004 to unite the AlexInformation, Sheshunoff, and A.S. Pratt brands before it was sold to Thompson in 2008. [20]

Current operation

Thompson provides regulatory compliance information for professionals in business and government through books, loose-leaf, newsletters, audio conferences, Web subscription products, and email advisory alerts. The company also operates HR Compliance, an online solution for HR and benefits administrators that provide information on fair labor standards act, domestic partner benefits, family and medical leave act, workplace retaliation, consumer-directed health care, Americans with disabilities act, 401(k) plans, fringe benefits, employee handbooks, and flex benefits. [21]

Thompson publishes books that focus on regulatory compliance advice for professionals in health care, human resources and other industries. [22] Their predominant areas of publishing are:

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LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a global data and analytics company that provides data and technology services, analytics, predictive insights, and fraud prevention for a wide range of industries. It is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia and has offices throughout the U.S. and in Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Ireland, Israel, Philippines and the U.K. The company’s customers include businesses within the insurance, financial services, healthcare and corporate sectors as well as the local, state and federal government, law enforcement and public safety.

ProQuest American information company

ProQuest LLC is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based global information-content and technology company, founded in 1938 as University Microfilms by Eugene B. Power. ProQuest provides applications and products for libraries. Its resources and tools support research and learning, publishing and dissemination, and the acquisition, management and discovery of library collections.

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MeadWestvaco Corporation was an American packaging company based in Richmond, Virginia. It had approximately 23,000 employees. In February 2006, it moved its corporate headquarters to Richmond. In March 2008, the company announced a change to start using "MWV" as its brand, but the legal name of the company remains MeadWestvaco.

RELX plc is a corporate group comprising companies that publish scientific, technical and medical material, and legal textbooks; provide decision-making tools; and organise exhibitions. It operates in 40 countries and serves customers in over 180 nations. It was previously known as Reed Elsevier, and came into being in 1992 as a result of the merger of Reed International, a British trade book and magazine publisher, and Elsevier, a Netherlands-based scientific publisher.

RentPath Inc. is a privately held American media company owned by TPG Capital and Providence Equity Partners LLC.

Wolters Kluwer N.V. is a global information services company. The company is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands. Wolters Kluwer in its current form was founded in 1987 with a merger between Kluwer Publishers and Wolters Samsom. The company serves legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and healthcare markets. It operates in over 150 countries.

Factiva is a business information and research tool owned by Dow Jones & Company. Factiva aggregates content from both licensed and free sources, and provides organizations with search, alerting, dissemination, and other information management capabilities. Factiva products provide access to more than 32,000 sources from nearly every country worldwide in 28 languages, including more than 600 continuously updated newswires.

Corporation Service Company

CSC is a company founded in 1899 that operates in a range of sectors. It is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, CSC has offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.


Capco is a leading global business and technology management consultancy firm with a focus in financial services and a dedicated energy division.

Moreover Technologies is a provider of business intelligence, media monitoring and news aggregation products for enterprises, also offering free news feeds for consumers. Moreover was founded in 1998 by Nick Denton, David Galbraith, and Angus Bankes. In October 2014, Moreover was acquired by LexisNexis.

Jatheon Technologies

Jatheon Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2004 providing email and other digital data archiving appliances with a strong focus on highly regulated industries such as education, healthcare, government, financial and legal. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


MSDSonline is a private company that creates programs designed to organize material safety data sheets for other businesses.

Sächsische Zeitung is a regional German daily newspaper. The paper is published in Dresden. Its circulation is around 227.940, a fall of around 40% since 1998. Around 93% of copies sold are delivered to subscribers. Despite the name, the paper is mainly distributed in east Saxony. The paper's circulation is around ten times that of its main competitor, the Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, which is part-owned by one of the owners of the Sächsische Zeitung itself. The company which owns the paper, Dresdner Druck- & Verlagshaus GmbH & Co. is itself majority owned by Gruner + Jahr. The remaining 40% is owned by Deutsche Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft, which is wholly owned by the Social Democratic Party of Germany. It is published in Rhenish format.

Law360 is a subscription-based, legal news service operated by the Portfolio Media company, a subsidiary of LexisNexis.

Newsbytes News Network, called "an Associated Press for tech-information junkies" was founded in May, 1983 in San Francisco, California by broadcast journalist Wendy Woods Gorski, who remained editor in chief for the 19 years of its existence. It was the oldest continually publishing technology-specific news wire service from 1983-2002. It included news reports on computing, interactive media, telecommunications and cybersecurity spanned the formative years of Silicon Valley and the advent of personal computers.


Guidepoint is an expert network, providing business professionals with opportunities to talk with industry experts who can answer their specialized industry questions. Guidepoint clients consult with experts over the phone, in person at conferences, on teleconferences, at custom events & workshops, or may gather primary research data through a survey, poll, or web-based data offerings.

Abacus Data Systems DBA AbacusNext is an American software and private cloud services provider headquartered in San Diego, California.


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