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Thorburn is a surname, and may refer to:

Alexander "Alex" Gibbon "Gillion" "Gillan" Thorburn was a real-estate agent, merchant and Canadian former politician. He served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories from 1888 until 1891. Prior to that he was a school trustee.

Archibald Thorburn British wildlife artist

Archibald Thorburn FZS was a Scottish artist and animal painter and bird illustrator, painting mostly in watercolour. He regularly visited Scotland to sketch birds in the wild, his favourite haunt being the Forest of Gaick near Kingussie in Invernesshire. His widely reproduced images of British wildlife, with their evocative and dramatic backgrounds, are enjoyed as much today as they were by sportsmen and birdlovers of a century ago.

Chris Thorburn Canadian ice hockey player

Chris Thorburn is a Canadian professional ice hockey right winger who is currently an unrestricted free agent. He most recently played for the under contract to the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League (NHL).


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