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Andrew Thorndike was a German documentary film director. He directed 16 films between 1949 and 1977. His 1950 documentary, Der Weg nach oben, won the Best Documentary Film at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 1951. He was a member of the jury at the 5th Moscow International Film Festival. At the 11th Moscow International Film Festival in 1979, he was awarded the Honorable Prize for his contribution to cinema.

Ashley Horace Thorndike was an American educator and expert on William Shakespeare. He was the son of a clergyman Edward R Thorndike, and the brother of Lynn Thorndike, an American historian of medieval science and alchemy, and Edward Lee Thorndike known for being the father of modern educational psychology.

Augustus Thorndike, M.D. (1896–1986), was the chief of surgery at Harvard University Health Service from 1931 to 1962 and a pioneer in sports medicine.

Fictional characters

Dr. Thorndyke

Dr John Evelyn Thorndyke is a fictional detective in a long series of 22 novels and 40 short stories by British author R. Austin Freeman (1862–1943). Thorndyke was described by his author as a 'medical jurispractitioner': originally a medical doctor, he turned to the bar and became one of the first — in modern parlance — forensic scientists. His solutions were based on his method of collecting all possible data and making inferences from them before looking at any of the protagonists and motives in the crimes. It is this method which gave rise to one of Freeman's most ingenious inventions, the inverted detective story, where the criminal act is described first and the interest lies in Thorndyke's subsequent unravelling of it.

<i>Sonic X</i> 2003 Anime television series directed by Hajime Kamegaki

Sonic X is a Japanese anime television series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega. Produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Hajime Kamegaki, Sonic X initially ran for fifty-two episodes, broadcast on TV Tokyo from April 6, 2003 to March 28, 2004. A further 26 aired in regions such as the United States, Europe, and the Middle East from 2005 to 2006. The show's American localization and broadcasting were handled by 4Kids Entertainment—which edited it and created new music—until 2012, when Saban Brands obtained the rights to the series, and in 2015 by Discotek Media.

<i>State of the Union</i> (film) 1948 film by Frank Capra

State of the Union is a 1948 drama film written by Myles Connolly and Anthony Veiller of the Russel Crouse, Howard Lindsay play of the same name. Directed by Frank Capra and starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, the film is Capra's first and only project for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The screenplay, about a man's run for president, abandoned the play's more controversial themes. It is also the second and final film to be made by Liberty Films before it dissolved forever in 1951.



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Edward Thorndike American psychologist

Edward Lee Thorndike was an American psychologist who spent nearly his entire career at Teachers College, Columbia University. His work on comparative psychology and the learning process led to the theory of connectionism and helped lay the scientific foundation for educational psychology. He also worked on solving industrial problems, such as employee exams and testing. He was a member of the board of the Psychological Corporation and served as president of the American Psychological Association in 1912. A Review of General Psychology survey, published in 2002, ranked Thorndike as the ninth-most cited psychologist of the 20th century. Edward Thorndike had a powerful impact on reinforcement theory and behavior analysis, providing the basic framework for empirical laws in behavior psychology with his law of effect. Through his contributions to the behavioral psychology field came his major impacts on education, where the law of effect has great influence in the classroom.

Notable people named Gibbons include:

<i>High Anxiety</i> 1977 film by Mel Brooks

High Anxiety is a 1977 American satirical comedy film produced and directed by Mel Brooks, who also plays the lead. This is Brooks' first film as a producer and first speaking lead role. Veteran Brooks ensemble members Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman, and Madeline Kahn are also featured.

Sybil Thorndike British actress

Dame Agnes Sybil Thorndike was an English actress who toured internationally in Shakespearean productions, often appearing with her husband Lewis Casson. Bernard Shaw wrote Saint Joan specially for her, and she starred in it with great success. She was made Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1931, and Companion of Honour in 1970.

Russell Thorndike British actor and novelist

Arthur Russell Thorndike was a British actor and novelist, best known for the Doctor Syn of Romney Marsh novels. Less well-known than his sister Sybil but equally versatile, Russell Thorndike's first love was writing and, after serving in World War I, he devoted himself to it.

Lynn Thorndike American historian

Lynn Thorndike was an American historian of medieval science and alchemy. He was the son of a clergyman, Edward R. Thorndike, and the younger brother of Ashley Horace Thorndike, an American educator and expert on William Shakespeare, and Edward Lee Thorndike, known for being the father of modern educational psychology.

<i>Tudor Rose</i> (film) 1936 film by Robert Stevenson

Tudor Rose is a 1936 British film directed by Robert Stevenson and starring Cedric Hardwicke and Nova Pilbeam.

Robert M. Thorndike is an American psychology professor known for several definitive textbooks on research procedures and psychometrics.

John Thorndike was one of the first founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Other sources show his birth date as born February 1610/11.

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes is a British anthology mystery television series that was produced by Thames Television and originally broadcast on the ITV Network. There were two series of 13 fifty-minute episodes; the first aired in 1971, the second in 1973. The programme presented adaptations of short mystery, suspense or crime stories featuring, as the title suggests, detectives who were literary contemporaries of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

<i>The Potting Shed</i> play written by Graham Greene

The Potting Shed is a 1957 play by Graham Greene in three acts. The psychological drama centers on a secret held by the Callifer family for nearly thirty years.

<i>The Bloody Red Baron</i> book by Kim Newman

The Bloody Red Baron is a 1995 Alternate history/horror novel by British author Kim Newman. It is the second book in the Anno Dracula series and takes place during the Great War, 30 years after the first novel.

<i>Dawn</i> (1928 film) 1928 British silent war film directed by Herbert Wilcox

Dawn is a 1928 British silent war film directed by Herbert Wilcox and starring Sybil Thorndike, Gordon Craig and Marie Ault. It was produced by Wilcox for his British & Dominions Film Corporation. The film was made at Cricklewood Studios with sets designed by Clifford Pember.

Sibyls were oracular women believed to possess prophetic powers in ancient Greece.

<i>Mountain Justice</i> (1937 film) 1937 film by Michael Curtiz

Mountain Justice is a 1937 film directed by Michael Curtiz. It was produced and distributed by Warner Brothers. It is loosely based on the story of Edith Maxwell, who was convicted in 1935 of murdering her coal miner father in Pound, Virginia.

The E. L. Thorndike Career Achievement Awards is an award of the American Psychological Association given to living recipients for substantial career achievements in educational psychology. The award's winners are recognized for research in the best tradition of educational psychology, meaning that the award is conferred for original, scientific, empirically-based research that contributes significantly to knowledge, theory, or practice in educational psychology. It was named for the noted psychologist, Edward Thorndike.

Underhill is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

<i>Luxury Liner</i> (1933 film) 1933 American drama film directed by Lothar Mendes

Luxury Liner is a 1933 American pre-Code drama film directed by Lothar Mendes and starring George Brent, Zita Johann and Vivienne Osborne. It was based on a 1932 novel by Gina Kaus, and made by Paramount Pictures. Mendes worked on a number of films for Paramount during the era. Shortly after making the film, he went to Britain where he directed his most celebrated film Jew Süss.