Those Who Kill (U.S. TV series)

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Those Who Kill
Those Who Kill (U.S.) Intertitle.png
Genre Crime drama
Based on Den som dræber
by Elsebeth Egholm
Stefan Jaworski
Developed by Glen Morgan
Theme music composer Johnny Jewel
Nat Walker
Opening theme "The Hunt" by Symmetry
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Kelly A. Manners
  • Howard Griffith
Cinematography Yasu Tanida
  • James Coblentz
  • Matthew Colonna
  • Louis Cioffi
  • Jason Hellmann
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor 20th Television
Original network A&E (originally)
Lifetime Movie Network (re-launch)
Picture format 480i 16:9 (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseMarch 3 – May 18, 2014 (2014-05-18)
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Those Who Kill is an American crime drama television series developed by Glen Morgan. The series originally premiered on the American cable television network A&E on March 3, 2014, [1] and was re-launched on its sister network, the Lifetime Movie Network, on March 30. [2] It is based on the Danish television series Den som dræber . The show was shot on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [3] On May 18, 2014, Morgan announced the show had been cancelled after only ten episodes. [4]

Glen Morgan American television producer, writer, and director

Glen Morgan is an American television producer, writer and director. Most recognized for his work on The X-Files and the Final Destination franchise, Morgan has worked on many other notable projects including Amazon's Lore and New Line Cinema's Willard. In 2017, Morgan was an executive producer on season eleven of The X-Files which premiered in 2018 on Fox. He also serves as an executive producer on the upcoming Twilight Zone reboot by Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions.

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Catherine Jensen, a recently promoted homicide detective, enlists the help of Thomas Schaeffer, a forensic psychologist, to track down serial killers and relentlessly seeks the truth behind the disappearance of her brother that she thinks is linked to his stepfather, Judge Howard Burgess.


Main cast

Chloë Sevigny American film actress

Chloë Stevens Sevigny is an American actress, director, model, and fashion designer. She is mostly known for her work in independent films, often appearing in controversial or experimental features. She is the recipient of several accolades, including a Golden Globe, a Satellite Award, and an Independent Spirit Award, as well as Academy Award and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. She also has a career in fashion design concurrent with her acting work. Over the years, her alternative fashion sense has earned her a reputation as a "style icon".

James DArcy English actor

James D'Arcy is an English actor. He is best known for his portrayals of Howard Stark's butler, Edwin Jarvis, in the Marvel Entertainment and ABC series, Agent Carter and murder suspect Lee Ashworth in the second series of the ITV series Broadchurch. D'Arcy also co-starred as Colonel Winnant in Christopher Nolan's action-thriller Dunkirk (2017).

James Morrison (actor) American actor

James Paige Morrison is an American actor best known for his portrayal of CTU Director Bill Buchanan on 24.

Recurring cast

Anne Dudek American actress

Anne Louise Dudek is an American actress. She is known for portraying Tiffany Wilson in the 2004 film White Chicks, Danielle Brookson in the USA Network television series Covert Affairs, Dr. Amber Volakis on the Fox series House, Lura Grant on the HBO series Big Love, and Francine Hanson on the AMC series Mad Men. She has also starred in the British television series The Book Group.

Michael Rispoli is an American character actor. He was in the cast of the HBO television series The Sopranos as Jackie Aprile, Sr. Rispoli reunited with Sopranos co-star James Gandolfini in the 2009 thriller The Taking of Pelham 123. Rispoli was a contender for the role of Tony Soprano that ultimately went to Gandolfini.

Kathy Baker American actress

Katherine Whitton Baker is an American actress. Baker began her career in theatre and made her screen debut in the 1983 drama film, The Right Stuff. She received the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress and an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her performance in Street Smart (1987). Baker also has appeared in over 50 films, including Jacknife (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990), The Cider House Rules (1999), Cold Mountain (2003), Nine Lives (2005), The Jane Austen Book Club (2007), Last Chance Harvey (2008), Take Shelter (2011), Saving Mr. Banks (2013) and The Age of Adaline (2015).


In January 2012, the A&E television channel announced that it had bought the rights to develop a U.S. version of the Danish series, Those Who Kill . [5] A pilot episode began filming in Pittsburgh in December 2012, produced by Fox 21 and written by Glen Morgan, with Chloë Sevigny starring as Pittsburgh Police homicide detective Catherine Jensen, and James D'Arcy as forensic psychologist Thomas Schaeffer. [6]

<i>Those Who Kill</i> television series

Those Who Kill is a Danish crime TV series from 2011, which follows a fictitious unit within Copenhagen Police which specialises in investigating serial murders. The series was aired as five two-part stories in Denmark, but has aired as five feature-length episodes in most other countries. A separate 92 minutes feature film, Fortidens skygge, which forms a continuation and ending of the series, premiered in Danish cinemas on 15 March 2012, and is being aired as a final, sixth episode of the series in many other countries, such as the UK and Germany.

Pittsburgh City in western Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States, and is the county seat of Allegheny County. As of 2017, a population of 305,704 lives within the city limits, making it the 63rd-largest city in the U.S. The metropolitan population of 2,353,045 is the largest in both the Ohio Valley and Appalachia, the second-largest in Pennsylvania, and the 26th-largest in the U.S.

Pittsburgh Police police department in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Police (PBP), officially the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, is the largest law enforcement agency in Western Pennsylvania and the third largest in Pennsylvania. The modern force of salaried and professional officers was founded in 1857 but dates back to the night watchmen beginning in 1794, and the subsequent day patrols in the early 19th century, in the then borough of Pittsburgh. By 1952 the Bureau had a strength of 1,400 sworn officers in July 1985, 1,200 and by November 1989, 1,040.

In April 2013, A&E announced that it had greenlit a 10-episode first season of the series, which would begin production in Pittsburgh in late 2013. [7] Drawn to the region due to state tax credits, filming lasted from September to December 2013. Producers selected locations such as warehouses, parking garages, pubs, hospitals, theaters, penitentiaries, the Allegheny County Courthouse, Riverview Park, the Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny, and the abandoned Carrie Furnace to capture the mood of the series. [8]

To green-light is to give permission or a go ahead to move forward with a project. The term is a reference to the green traffic signal, indicating "go ahead". In the context of the film and television industries, to green-light something is to formally approve its production finance and to commit to this financing, thereby allowing the project to move forward from the development phase to pre-production and principal photography.

The Pennsylvania Film Production Tax Credit is a tax credit program supporting the production of feature films and television programs in Pennsylvania. The tax credit was signed into law by Gov. Ed Rendell in July 2004.

Allegheny County Courthouse

The Allegheny County Courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is part of a complex designed by H. H. Richardson. The buildings are considered among the finest examples of the Romanesque Revival style for which Richardson is well known.


Those Who Kill received mixed reviews. It received 54/100 score from 22 reviews at Metacritic. [9] Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that seven out of 24 critics gave the series a "rotten" rating. The site's consensus is, "In spite of its suspenseful premise and an effective performance by Chloë Sevigny, Those Who Kill is bogged down by monotonous plots and senseless violence." [10] The series debuted on March 3, 2014, with 1.4 million total viewers, and drew 830,000 viewers for its second episode. A&E then pulled the drama from its schedule, with plans to relaunch it in a new time slot. [11] Instead, the series was shifted to A&E's sister network, the Lifetime Movie Network, for a re-launch.

Metacritic is a website that aggregates reviews of media products: films, TV shows, music albums, video games, and formerly, books. For each product, the scores from each review are averaged. Metacritic was created by Jason Dietz, Marc Doyle, and Julie Doyle Roberts in 1999. The site provides an excerpt from each review and hyperlinks to its source. A color of green, yellow or red summarizes the critics' recommendations. It has been described as the video game industry's "premier" review aggregator.

Rotten Tomatoes American review aggregator for film and television, owned by Fandango

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No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction
U.S. viewers
1"Pilot" Joe Carnahan Glen Morgan March 3, 2014 (2014-03-03)1WAL791.44 [12]
Pittsburgh's newest homicide detective Catherine Jensen is haunted by the disappearance of her brother years ago, and her parents have lost interest in finding him. However, Jensen must focus on her new job when a mummified corpse is found at a demolition site. She knows it is more than just an accident or random murder. She enlists the help of academic forensic psychologist Thomas Schaeffer who suggests a serial killer roams the city. When Catherine gets kidnapped by the killer, Schaeffer must think like him in order to solve the case and save her.
2"The Way Home" David Petrarca Glen MorganMarch 10, 2014 (2014-03-10)1WAL010.83 [13]
Molbeck investigates the murder of a woman found bludgeoned in a dumpster, while Catherine waits for the D.A.'s decision about her actions with the previous case. Meanwhile, Schaeffer gives his statement to the D.A., then resumes investigating Judge Howard Burgess, Catherine's stepfather.
3"Rocking the Boat" Phil Abraham Chris LevinsonMarch 30, 2014 (2014-03-30)1WAL020.34 [14]
While the team continues to investigate the bludgeoning death at the dumpster and the suicide of a suspect, Catherine and Schaeffer must ask Judge Burgess to look at the suspect's sealed documents for clues. They travel to a rural farm where several adopted children, including the suicidal suspect, were raised. Meanwhile, the killer strikes again, killing a woman who had been questioned by the police.
4"Sunday" Charlotte Sieling Glen MorganApril 6, 2014 (2014-04-06)1WAL030.63 [15]
Angela Early, a nurse at an assisted living home, is revealed to be the killer. A suspect in custody states that the victim found underneath the bridge was her son and approached her that night. The team learns Early was raped as a teenager and her parents forced her to keep the baby. Catherine asks Judge Burgess for help, and he points her to the nursing home. Early commits suicide to prevent being taken into custody.
5"Souvenirs"David Petrarca Darin Morgan & Glen MorganApril 13, 2014 (2014-04-13)1WAL040.72 [16]
When Thomas decides to stop working on active cases, Catherine starts investigating his past which leads her to an unexpected family history. Catherine takes Thomas to the basement of her step-father's house where her brother was sexually abused. Thomas tells Catherine he believes that her mother has always known about the abuse.
6"Always After" Stefan Schwartz Jeff Eckerle & Marilyn Osborn April 20, 2014 (2014-04-20)1WAL050.59 [17]
Thomas's suggestion to Catherine about her mother deeply disturbs her. Meanwhile, the team investigates a possible domestic homicide where a mother and her children are killed. They later find the father dead from a gunshot wound, but his time of death occurred before his family's. Thomas suspects the killer hid in the house's crawlspace, and his re-enactment affects his own family, as the killer targets another one.
7"A Safe Place" Sam Miller Jeff Eckerle & Marilyn OsbornApril 27, 2014 (2014-04-27)1WAL060.80 [18]
After the discovery of aluminum residue on a recent victim, Catherine scans crime scene photos to see a neighboring house under construction. The foreman gives them the name of a man recently fired for looking at the neighbors. The team visits his house to find his family dead and a home video they presume he watched after killing them. They learn the general area of his current target and are able to find the exact house. Inside, the killer has cut the mother, but she opens the door for Catherine and they switch places. Catherine assumes the wife and mother role, cooks breakfast, and gets the killer to sit in front of the window at the kitchen table. He is killed by a police sniper. The situation affects both Thomas and Catherine. He promises his family to never let a case take precedence over them, and Catherine messages her mother to talk about Howard.
8"Insomnia" John Coles Andrew Wilder May 4, 2014 (2014-05-04)1WAL070.47 [19]
A killer uses enhanced hallucinogens in his methods, causing the team to work with the Narcotics Division and Catherine's former lover. Meanwhile, Thomas must revisit a case from which he based his book, as he receives post cards from the killer. Also, Catherine's mother is hospitalized after apparently having a stroke and falling down the stairs at home. Her condition worsens, and her family must make a difficult decision.
9"Untethered" Stephen Kay Andrew WilderMay 11, 2014 (2014-05-11)1WAL080.75 [20]
The team investigates the connection the killer has with his drug dealing, as he targets his next couple. Meanwhile, Thomas becomes paranoid trying to think like him. At her mother's funeral reception, Catherine is introduced to a boy being mentored by Howard. Suspicious, she is torn between investigating him and the murder case. This causes her to abandon Molbeck on surveillance and he is shot by the killer.
10"Surrender"David PetrarcaChris LevinsonMay 18, 2014 (2014-05-18)1WAL090.49 [21]
With Molbeck in the hospital, the police have stepped up their methods to catch the killer. Believing the killer will not change his dumpsites, all city park entrances become checkpoints. His vehicle passes inspection, as he has already disposed of a body. Knowing he can no longer use the vehicle, he allows his current captive victims to escape in it, only after he rigged it to explode. The FBI takes over the case, but Thomas and Catherine set a trap for the killer by publishing he is a copycat killer. They deliver him to Bisgaard. Meanwhile, Thomas tells Catherine to order the 9-1-1 call Howard placed when her mother fell down the stairs. When she listens to the call, she hears Howard speak to a boy in the house. Catherine believes her mother was killed when she discovered Howard raping the boy. Armed, she enters Howard's house, with Thomas pursuing her, while Howard waits inside with a gun. The sound of one shot fired is heard in the closing scene.

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