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A view of the TK Falls. Thottikallu falls.jpg
A view of the TK Falls.

Thottikallu is a place near Bangalore off the Kanakapura road in the Bangalore Urban district which is famous for a falls called Thottikallu falls, more popularly known as TK falls. It is also known as 'SwarnaMukhi' water falls. SwarnaMukhi translates as 'Golden-Faced'. The route at Kagalpura (Kaggalipura) off the Bangalore - Kanakapura road will lead to a place called Byalemaradadoddi, from where a mud road leads to the falls. The place also has a small shrine.


The Muneeshwara Swamy shrine near TK Falls. Muneeshwara Swamy Shrine near Thottikallu falls.jpg
The Muneeshwara Swamy shrine near TK Falls.


There is no entry to the Falls as it belongs to karnataka Forest Department and is considered as an elephant corridor hence its protected and entry of tourists is banned and trespassing are fined heavily Thottikallu Falls belongs to Forest Department entry into the Falls is banned and trespassing will be fined heavily

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Jnana Sweekar PU College is a pre-university college in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is affiliated to Karnataka Pre-University Education Board. It is located at Kanakapura Road, Talaghattapura


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