Thrash or Die

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Thrash or Die
OriginMiami, Florida
Genres Thrash metal
LabelsEmpingao Records
Associated actsSolstice, Combat, Ripjaw, Condition Critical
MembersRalph Viera
Josh Gibbs
Brian Wilson
John Pucci
Past membersWilliam Barter
Cesar Placeres
Chris Placeres
Mario Cianci
Damian Hormilla
Justin Sane
Patricio Posse
Ryan Taylor
Alex Marquez

Thrash or Die is a thrash metal band from Miami, Florida. [1] The band was formed in 2007 by vocalist Ralph "Dr Fukk" Viera and lead guitarist William "Hellvomit Sodomizer" Barter. Their first lineup consisted of drummer Cesar "Darth Vodka" Placeres, rhythm guitarist Chris "Triplesixxx Whoremangler" Placeres, and bassist Mario Cianci. This lineup recorded a demo in 2010, [2] and released their debut album Poser Holocaust on May 18, 2011 on the independent label Empingao Records. After several lineup changes and the addition of guitarist Ryan "Nightcrawler" Taylor, drummer Alex "Thunderhammer" Marquez, and bassist Josh "Mosh" Gibbs, all of Solstice, the band, still anchored by Viera and Barter, released their second album Melting Your Skull on October 25, 2015. Barter was let go by the band shortly after the release of this album, leaving Viera as the sole original member. The band still plays shows and is currently writing songs for a third album. Ralph Viera also has a YouTube channel named Almost Human and it has over 17,000 subscribers.

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