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Thrashers are a group of passerine birds related to mockingbirds and catbirds.


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Mike Vallely American skateboarder and singer

Mike Vallely, also known as Mike V, is an American professional skateboarder and singer. Since November 2013, Vallely has been the leading vocalist of hardcore punk band Black Flag.

Tommy Guerrero American skateboarder and musician

Tommy Guerrero is an American professional skateboarder, company owner and musician.

Ryan Sheckler American skateboarder

Ryan Allen Sheckler is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, and was the star of the MTV-produced reality television series Life of Ryan. Sheckler was listed in Fox Weekly's "15 Most Influential Skateboarders of All-Time" article. Sheckler starred in 4 seasons of the short-format video series Sheckler Sessions on Red Bull TV.


Enjoi is a skateboarding company that produces skateboard decks as the brand's primary product; the company also manufactures skateboarding accessories and clothing. The company, distributed by Dwindle Distribution, has, since inception, been known for its humorous and satirical designs and has adopted a stylized panda as its logo.

<i>Video Days</i> 1991 film by Spike Jonze

Video Days is a skateboarding video by Blind Skateboards released in 1991. It is considered one of the most influential skate videos, as director Spike Jonze's format is frequently cited as its definitive filming template.

<i>Thrasher</i> (magazine) American skateboarding magazine

Thrasher is a skateboarding magazine founded in January 1981 by Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello, and published by High Speed Productions, Inc. of San Francisco, US. The publication consists primarily of skateboard and music-related articles, photography, interviews and skatepark reviews. The magazine also maintains a website, which includes segments with names such as "Firing Line" and "Hall of Meat", an online store, a video collection, a radio show, and a forum for registered users. The company also owns and operates the Double Rock indoor skateboarding facility, and the San Francisco skateshop, 66 6th.

Deluxe Distribution is an Ermico Enterprises, Inc-owned subsidiary founded in 1986 with limited partner Brian Ware in San Francisco. Deluxe was formed to distribute the Beware Record label, and other small record labels popular with skateboarders, along with Thunder Trucks and Supercush Bushings. Deluxe distributes six skateboard brands and owns DLXSF, a retail outlet.made in China

Mark Gonzales, also known as "Gonz" and "The Gonz", is an American professional skateboarder and artist. He is known as a pioneer of modern street skateboarding and was named the "Most Influential Skateboarder of All Time" by the Transworld Skateboarding magazine in December 2011.

Lance Mountain American skateboarder

Robert Lance Mountain is a professional skateboarder and artist who was one of the prominent skateboarders throughout the 1980s, primarily due to his involvement with the Bones Brigade. As of August 2017, Mountain continues to skate professionally and his sponsors include Flip, Nike SB, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, and Bones Bearings.

Mike McGill American skateboarder

Mike McGill is an American skateboarder who is best known for inventing the trick entitled the "McTwist", an inverted 540 degree mute grab aerial.

Chris Cole (skateboarder) American skateboarder

Chris Cole is a professional skateboarder. As of September 2020, his sponsors are: Fallen Footwear, Monster Energy, Bones Bearings, Cult Crew, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Stance, Kershaw Knives, Grizzly Griptape, GoPro, Indian Motorcycles, cbdMD, Remind Insoles, and most recently Zero Skateboards in September 2020.

Chris Haslam (skateboarder) Canadian skateboarder

Chris Haslam is a Canadian professional skateboarder whose natural stance is "Goofy". He is recognized as an innovative skateboarder whose skateboarding is defined by creativity and progression.

Baker Skateboards is an American skateboarding company founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. The company's main products are skateboard decks, soft goods, accessories, and wheels.

Truth Hurts or The Truth Hurts may refer to:

Chuck Treece American skateboarder

Chuck Treece is a session musician and professional skateboarder from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1984 he became famous for being the first African-American skateboarder to be featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine. His musical credits include starting the 1980s skate punk band McRad, remixing songs for Amy Grant and Sting, playing the bass line on "The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel, filling in on drums at a Pearl Jam concert, and touring with Urge Overkill and Bad Brains. In 2010, he was awarded a Pew Fellowships in the Arts. Chuck currently plays bass in a thrash metal band called ACTiVATE. Treece drummed on the album, Mass by Canadian Ska band, Bedouin Soundclash.

Joe Humeres Julio

Joe Humeres is a United States National champion freestyle skateboarder. In 1988, he became New York City's first professional skateboarder. Humeres appears in the 2009 documentary Deathbowl to Downtown and the book FULL BLEED, both of which are about the history of New York City skateboarding. He appears prominently in the 2020 film VIRGIN BLACKTOP: a New York Skate Odyssey.

Torey Jamieson Pudwill, also known by his nickname "T-Puds", is an American professional street skateboarder.

David González is a Colombian professional skateboarder. In December 2012 he was named Thrasher magazine's "Skater of the Year".

Wallride Skateboard trick

A wallride or wall ride is a maneuver in skateboarding in which a rider positions their skateboard parallel to a wall, putting the wheels on the side of the wall as they ride along it. The trick is noted for its particular grace.