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The Festival of the Three Continents (French : Festival des 3 Continents) is an annual film festival held since 1979 in Nantes, France, and is devoted to the cinemas of Asia, and Africa and Latin America. It was founded by Philippe and Alain Jalladeau. [1] [2] [3] The top award in the festival's competition is the balloon shaped Golden Montgolfiere. [1] In conjunction with the festival is the Produire au Sud, or Producers of the South, a project that provides funding to independent film productions from Asia, Africa and Latin America. [1]


List of Golden Montgolfiere winners

YearFilmDirectorCountry of origin
1979 Baara Souleymane Cissé Mali
1980 Chafika et Metwal Aly Badrakhan Egypt
1981 They Don't Wear Black Tie Leon Hirszman Brazil
Plae Kao Cherd Songsri Thailand
1982 My Son, My Precious Aribam Syam Sharma India
1983 Angela Markado Lino Brocka The Philippines
1984 The Wanderers Nacer Khemir Tunisia
The Boys from Fengkuei Hou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
1985 The Runner Amir Naderi Iran
A Summer at Grandpa's Hou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
1986 In the Wild Mountains Yan Xueshu China
1987 Motherland Hotel Ömer Kavur Turkey
1988 Rouge Stanley Kwan Hong Kong
1989 Water, Wind, Dust Amir Naderi Iran
1990 Untamagiru Gō Takamine Japan
1991 Five Girls and a Rope Yeh Hung-wei Taiwan
1992 Bloody Morning Li Shaohong China
1993 For Fun Ning Ying China
1994 Dos crímenes Roberto Sneider Mexico
1995 Sender Unknown Carlos Carrera Mexico
1996 A True Story Abolfazl Jalili Iran
1997 Made in Hong Kong Fruit Chan Hong Kong
1998 After Life Hirokazu Koreeda Japan
Xiao Wu Jia Zhangke China
1999 Luna Papa Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov Tajikistan
2000 Platform Jia Zhangke China
2001 Delbaran Abolfazl Jalili Iran
2002 My Brother Silk Road Marat Sarulu Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan
2003 Seven Days, Seven Nights Joel Cano Cuba
2004 Day and Night Wang Chao China
2005 Angel's Fall Semih Kaplanoglu Greece/Turkey
2006 A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral Saman Salur Iran
2008 Parque vía Enrique Rivero Mexico
2014 Hill of Freedom Hong Sang-soo South Korea
2015 Kaili Blues Bi Gan China
2016 In the last days of the city Tamer El Said South Korea
2017 Taming the Horse Tao Gu China
2018 Memories of My Body Garin Nugroho Indonesia
2019 Öndög Wang Quan'an China

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