Three Girls from Rome

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Three Girls from Rome
Directed by Luciano Emmer
Written by Sergio Amidei
Fausto Tozzi
Karin Valde
Produced by Giorgio Agliani
Starring Lucia Bosè
Renato Salvatori
Marcello Mastroianni
Cinematography Rodolfo Lombardi
Edited by Jolanda Benvenuti
Music by Carlo Innocenzi
Release date
20 December 1951
Running time
99 Min
Country Italy
Language Italian

Three Girls from Rome (Italian : Le ragazze di Piazza Spagna, released as Girls of the Spanish Steps in the UK) is a 1952 Italian classic comedy drama film directed by Luciano Emmer.




In 1998 there was a remake for RAI2 television, a miniseries starring Romina Mondello, Vittoria Belvedere and Alice Evans followed by a 180-minute movie Le Ragazze Di Piazza Di Spagna 2 a year later.

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