Three Lakes

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Three Lakes, Florida CDP in Florida, United States

Three Lakes is a census-designated place (CDP) in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. The population was 6,955 at the 2000 census. Its name comes from the planned community of Three Lakes, which is located inside Three Lakes CDP boundaries.

Three Lakes, Wisconsin Town in Wisconsin, United States

Three Lakes is a town in Oneida County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 2,131 at the 2010 census. The census-designated place of Three Lakes is located in the town. The unincorporated community of Clearwater Lake is also located in the town.

Three Lakes, Washington CDP in Washington, United States

Three Lakes is a census-designated place (CDP) in Snohomish County, Washington, United States. The population was 3,184 at the 2010 census.



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Kanab, Utah City in Utah, United States

Kanab is a city in and the county seat of Kane County, Utah, United States. It is located on Kanab Creek just north of the Arizona state line. This area was first settled in 1864 and the town was founded in 1870 when ten Latter-Day Saint families moved into the area. The population was 4,312 at the 2010 census.

U.S. Route 89 highway in the United States

U.S. Route 89 is a north–south United States Highway with two sections, and one former section. The southern section runs for 848 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona, to the southern entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The northern section runs for 404 miles from the northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, ending at the Canada–US border. Unnumbered roads through Yellowstone connect the two sections. Before 1992, U.S. Highway 89 was a Canada to Mexico, border-to-border, highway that ended at Nogales, Arizona, on its southern end.

U.S. Route 89A highway in Arizona and Utah

U.S. Route 89A is a north–south auxiliary U.S. highway, though its actual direction of travel is more east–west. The highway is an old routing of U.S. Route 89 from Bitter Springs, Arizona to Kanab, Utah. The state of Arizona has designated this highway the Fredonia-Vermilion Cliffs Scenic Road. The highway is used to access Grand Canyon National Park and is known for the Navajo Bridge. Until 2008, the Utah portion was signed State Route 11.

Levi Stewart American pioneer

Levi Stewart was a Mormon pioneer and a founder of Kanab, Utah.

William Thomas Stewart American politician

William Thomas Stewart was mayor of Kanab, Utah, U.S. 1889-91, and a Representative to the Utah Territorial Legislature in 1887 and 1889.

Arizona Strip part of Arizona north of the Colorado River, having more physical/cultural connections with southern Utah and Nevada than the rest of Arizona due to the difficulty of crossing the Grand Canyon, whose largest settlements are Colorado City and Fredonia

The Arizona Strip is the part of Arizona lying north of the Colorado River. The difficulty of crossing the Grand Canyon causes this region to have more physical and cultural connections with southern Utah and Nevada than with the rest of Arizona. The largest settlements in the Strip are Colorado City and Fredonia.

Jacob Hamblin American diplomat

Jacob Hamblin was a Western pioneer, Mormon missionary, and diplomat to various Native American tribes of the Southwest and Great Basin. He aided European-American settlement of large areas of southern Utah and northern Arizona, where he was seen as an honest broker between Mormon settlers and the Natives. He is sometimes referred to as the "Buckskin Apostle," or the "Apostle to the Lamanites."

Kanab ambersnail subspecies of mollusc

The Kanab ambersnail, scientific name Oxyloma haydeni kanabense or Oxyloma kanabense, is a critically endangered subspecies or species of small, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusc in the family Succineidae, the amber snails. The common name of the amber snails is based on the shell, which is translucent and when empty usually resembles amber in color.

Kanab Creek river in the United States of America

Kanab Creek is one of the many tributaries of the Grand Canyon. It begins in Kane County, Utah, just south of the watershed to the Great Basin and flows 125 miles (201 km) south to the Colorado River. It passes Kanab, Utah, crossing the border to Arizona near Fredonia. It flows through the Kaibab Indian Reservation of the Paiute people and the 1984-designated Kanab Creek Wilderness, a wilderness area, before its mouth in the Grand Canyon National Park.

L. John Nuttall Mormon leader

Leonard John Nuttall was a private secretary for John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff, and was a member of the Council of Fifty who kept a detailed journal of the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

U.S. Route 89 in Utah section of U.S. Highway in Utah

In the U.S. state of Utah, U.S. Route 89 (US-89) is a long north–south state highway spanning more than 502 miles (807.891 km) through the central part of the state. Between Provo and Brigham City, US-89 serves as a local road, paralleling Interstate 15, but the portions from Arizona north to Provo and Brigham City northeast to Wyoming serve separate corridors. The former provides access to several national parks and Arizona, and the latter connects I-15 with Logan, the state's only Metropolitan Statistical Area not on the Interstate.

Red Canyon is a 1949 American Technicolor Western film directed by George Sherman and starring Ann Blyth, Howard Duff and George Brent. It was based on the novel Wildfire by Zane Grey.

Buckskin Mountains (Arizona-Utah)

The Buckskin Mountains on the Arizona-Utah border, is about a 15-mile (24 km) long mountain range divided almost equally in the counties of Coconino County, Arizona, and Kane County, Utah.

Long Valley (Kane County, Utah) valley in Kane County, Utah, United States

The Long Valley of Utah is a 13-mile (21 km) long valley located in western Kane County. The valley is located in source water regions of waters flowing north, south, and southwest, in the west of the High Plateaus section of the Colorado Plateau; the High Plateaus section also extends into northern Arizona, the region north of the Grand Canyon.

<i>The Lion and the Horse</i> 1952 American film by Louis King

The Lion and the Horse is a 1952 Western film directed by Louis King and written by Crane Wilbur. It stars Steve Cochran, Ray Teal and a horse named Wildfire.

<i>The Yellow Tomahawk</i> 1954 film by Lesley Selander

The Yellow Tomahawk is a 1954 American Western film directed by Lesley Selander and written by Richard Alan Simmons. The film stars Rory Calhoun, Peggie Castle, Noah Beery, Jr., Warner Anderson, Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef and Rita Moreno. The film was released in May 1954, by United Artists.

Mary E. Woolley Chamberlain Mayor of Kanab, Utah

Mary Elizabeth Woolley Chamberlain was an American politician who served as the mayor of Kanab, Utah, from 1911 to 1913. She presided over an all-women town council, and had earlier been elected as Utah's first female county clerk in 1896. She used the pseudonym Mary Howard during her time on the council.