Three Young Texans

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Three Young Texans
Directed by Henry Levin
Produced by Leonard Goldstein
Screenplay by Gerald Drayson Adams
Story by William MacLeod Raine
Starring Mitzi Gaynor
Keefe Brasselle
Jeffrey Hunter
CinematographyHarold Lipstein
Edited by William B. Murphy
Panoramic Productions
Distributed by 20th Century-Fox
Release date
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  • January 16, 1954 (1954-01-16)
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$505,000 [1]

Three Young Texans is a 1954 Technicolor Western film directed by Henry Levin and starring Mitzi Gaynor, Keefe Brasselle and Jeffrey Hunter.



A couple of cowboys, Johnny Colt and Tony Ballew, both have a romantic interest in tomboy Rusty Blair while working for her father. Tony loses his wages gambling, then borrows money from Johnny and wins $700, which they intend to put toward a ranch of their own.

Johnny's nervous because his father Jim is also a gambler. Jim goes to Mexico, gets drunk, catches a man named McAdoo cheating at cards, then shoots him in self-defense. McAdoo's two associates, Catur and Joe, decide to blackmail Jim into helping them rob a train of its $50,000 in payroll loot. If he refuses, they'll tell the law Jim shot their friend in cold blood.

To help his father, Johnny robs the train first. He hides the money with the $700. A posse is formed, which Johnny joins to go search for a thief who is actually himself.

McAdoo turns out to have been wounded, not killed. He turns up and Tony is shot in the back. McAdoo and Catur are done away with in a gunfight, and when Joe flees on horseback from Johnny, he falls to his death over a cliff. Johnny returns the robbery money, then ends up with a $10,000 reward and Rusty to boot.


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