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Threes Anna (pseudonym of Threes Schreurs, born in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, 1959) is a novelist, theatre and film maker.



Threes Anna is trained as a visual artist. In 1985, Anna was engaged in theatre company Dogtroep, specialized in site specific theatre. In 1989, she becomes artistic leader of the company. Under her leadership, Dogtroep creates over fifty performances all over the world. The performances are developed into big visual spectacles with an international cast. Owing to the extent and complexity of the shows, she doesn't perform herself from 1993 onwards, and concentrated on script writing and directing. Apart from her theatre work, she creates and produces documentaries about several different artists and Dogtroep. After a tragic accident in 1998, in which her partner in life and colleague Marco Biagioni dies, Threes Anna stops with Dogtroep and begins to develop feature films and writing novels.

Since 2003 Threes Anna has published seven novels, De kus van de weduwe ('The Widow's Kiss'), Motormoeder ('Motor Mother', the very first Dutch novel to be downloaded and read on mobile phone), De stille stad ('Silent City'), Vogel kan niet vliegen ('The Bird Can't Fly', after her first feature film), Wachten op de moesson ('Waiting for the Monsoon') (foreign rights were sold before publication to Italia (Mondadori), Spain (MAEVA), Germany (Insel) and Canada (Anansi), Het laatste land ('The Last Land') in 2012 and Paradijsvogel in 2016.

In 2007 Threes Anna's feature film debut, The Bird Can’t Fly is released on the international market, an English spoken full-length movie, that she wrote, directed and co-produced. The American actress Barbara Hershey has the leading role, the rest of the cast and crew is south-african. The movie had its première on the San Sebastian International Film Festival and won several prizes. In 2012 her second feature film is launched: Silent City (based on her novel De stille stad), playing in Japan. In 2014 her short film Platina Blues, 40 minutes in a one hand-held shot, on the composition of the same name by Dutch rock star Thé Lau, is launched. [1] [2] In 2020 the feature The Warden (de Vogelwachter) a one-actor-movie with the 75 year old Dutch comedian Freek de Jonge in the lead.


Threes Anna's film debut The Bird Can't Fly won these prizes:






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Josine Reuling was the pen name of the Dutch author, Gerardina Anna Reuling. Known for her psychological novels, her characters called into question conservative societal behaviors. Her novel Terug naar het eiland was one of the first lesbian literary works published in The Netherlands. It was unique in that it did not evaluate lesbianism on a binary trajectory or in relationship to masculinity or masculine traits. There are several streets named in her honor throughout The Netherlands.


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