Threshold (1981 film)

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Threshold film cover.jpg
Directed by Richard Pearce
Produced byJon Slan
Michael Burns
Written byJames Salter
Starring Donald Sutherland
Jeff Goldblum
Sharon Acker
Mare Winningham
Music by Maribeth Solomon
Micky Erbe
Cinematography Michel Brault
Edited bySusan Martin
Bill Yahraus
Release date
Running time
97 minutes

Threshold is a 1981 Canadian drama/science fiction film directed by Richard Pearce and starring Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum. The film was nominated for ten Genie Awards in 1983 and won two of them [1] . Sutherland also won best actor at the 1982 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for his performance. [2] Threshold was filmed on location at the then newly constructed Ottawa General Hospital.



Respected cardiac surgeon Dr. Thomas Vrain performs a risky operation to provide a patient with the first artificial heart ever implanted in a human subject.

He and his colleague, research scientist Dr. Aldo Gehring, consider the risks and weigh the odds as time runs out for Carol Severance, the patient. Severance will die unless the experimental surgery is done quickly and succeeds.


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