Through These Reins and Gone

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Through These Reins and Gone
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Studio album by The Felice Brothers
Released November 17, 2006
Genre Americana, Folk rock
Producer Jeremy Backofen the Searcher
The Felice Brothers chronology
Through These Reins and Gone
Tonight At The Arizona

Through These Reins and Gone is the 2006 debut release from The Felice Brothers.

The Felice Brothers American folk rock/country rock band

The Felice Brothers are an American folk rock/country rock band from New York.

Track listing

  1. "Trailer Song" (sung by Simone Felice)
  2. "Ballad of Lou the Welterweight"
  3. "Hey Hey Revolver"
  4. "Your Belly in My Arms"
  5. "Got What I Need"
  6. "Soldiers Song"
  7. "Valentines Song"
  8. "Roll On Arte"
  9. "Christmas Song"
  10. "Mercy"
  11. "Song to Die To"
  12. "Going Going Gone"

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