Thunder Over Arizona

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Thunder Over Arizona
Thunder Over Arizona poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Joseph Kane
Written by Sloan Nibley
Produced byJoseph Kane
Starring Skip Homeier
Kristine Miller
George Macready
Wallace Ford
Nacho Galindo
Gregory Walcott
Cinematography Bud Thackery
Edited by Tony Martinelli
Music byR. Dale Butts
Distributed byRepublic Pictures
Release date
  • August 4, 1956 (1956-08-04)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States

Thunder Over Arizona is a 1956 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane, written by Sloan Nibley, and starring Skip Homeier, Kristine Miller, George Macready, Wallace Ford, Nacho Galindo and Gregory Walcott. It was released on August 4, 1956, by Republic Pictures. [1] [2] [3] The film was shot in Trucolor and Naturama.



Colourful western about a crooked landowner.


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