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Thunder in the Glens is an annual Harley-Davidson bike rally held in Aviemore, Scotland, established in 1996. The event is run by the Dunedin Chapter of the Harley Owners Group (HOG), based in Edinburgh. [1] Running over the last weekend of August every year, the event consists of Harley-Davidson displays, rallies and live music. Scottish rock band Big Country, and band RPJ [2] performed at the 2016 festival. [3] [4] People travel from around the world to attend. [5]

Thunder in the Glens is currently the largest HOG chapter rally in the United Kingdom [6] and Europe. [1] [2] Although mainly for Harley-Davidson bikes, the event is open to all bikers.

The rally on the Saturday consists of an organised ride from Aviemore through the Scottish Highlands to Grantown on Spey. [3] [6]

When the event first started, there were around 200 participants in the rally. [1] In 2015, there was over 3000 bikers, [2] and by 2016, it rose to 4000. [3]

There are over 60 charity stands at the event, as well as opportunities to test bikes and Jeep cars. [6] The profits from Thunder go to local charities. [2]

The event is said to substantially boost the local economy of the town of Aviemore. It was suggested the event contributed £15million to the Aviemore economy in 2016. [3] Although local residents were initially hesitant about the event, nervous the bikers would be similar to those depicted in films such as The Wild One , the bikers are now welcomed into the town every year. [1]

In 2016, Thunder in the Glens celebrated its 20th anniversary. [1] [2] [3]

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