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The Thundersport 500 is a three-make motorcycle racing series organised by the UK Club Thundersport Ltd. Until 2009, the series was called the Honda CB500 Cup, before the rules were changed to allow the use of Kawasaki ER-5 and Suzuki GS500 motorcycles. Limited modifications are allowed and many are for safety reasons only.

Motorcycle racing racing sport using motorcycles

Motorcycle racing is the motorcycle sport of racing motorcycles. Major genres include motorcycle road racing and off-road racing, both either on circuits or open courses, and track racing. Other categories include hill climbs, drag racing and land speed record trials.

Kawasaki ER-5 motorcycle

The Kawasaki ER-5 is a naked commuter motorcycle produced in Japan by Kawasaki. The bike is powered by a liquid cooled four-stroke DOHC 498 cc engine based on the design used in the GPZ500.

Suzuki GS500 motorcycle

The Suzuki GS500 is an entry level motorcycle manufactured and marketed by the Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki produced the GS500 and GS500E from 1989 on and the fully faired model, GS500F from 2004 on. The GS500 is currently being produced and sold in South America. The GS500 has been described in the motorcycle literature as a best buy and an excellent first bike, with adequate if not exciting power for more experienced riders.



Sébastien Charpentier dominated the inaugural French CB500 Cup in 1996. The UK series began a year later and was won by James Toseland, whose reward was a contract with the Castrol Honda European Supersport team. Honda France also took Charpentier to the European Supersport championship in 1998.

James Toseland singer

James Michael Toseland is an English former motorcycle racer and a current vocalist of an English rock band Toseland (Band). Toseland was the 2007 World Superbike Champion on a Ten Kate Honda, and also won the 2004 Superbike World Championship on a Ducati. He is one of only two men, the other being Troy Corser, to have won the World Superbike Championship for two different manufacturers. On 9 September 2011 he officially retired from professional motorsport due to a wrist injury sustained in March 2011 at an official World Superbike Championship testing session at Motorland Aragon, Spain.

In 1998 the UK series saw the emergence of James Ellison, who went on to win two European Superstock 600 Championship titles, a British Superbike (BSB) Privateer title and World Endurance title, before moving to MotoGP.

The European Superstock 600 Championship was a support class to the Superbike World Championship at the European rounds. The championship used 600 cc production motorcycles and was reserved for riders between 15 and 24 years of age. Same rules as FIM Superstock 1000 Cup applied, but the series was organized by FIM Europe. In November 2015 the championship was discontinued as a result of the creation of a new European sub-series to be held within the Supersport World Championship and changes in the Supersport technical regulations.

In motorsport, a privateer is usually an entrant into a racing event that is not directly supported by an automobile manufacturer. Privateers teams are often found competing in rally and circuit racing events, and often include competitors who build and maintain their own vehicles. In previous Formula One seasons, privately owned teams would race using the chassis of another team or constructor in preference to building their own car; the Concorde Agreement now prohibits this practice. Increasingly the term is being used in an F1 context to refer to teams who are not at least part-owned by large corporations, such as Williams F1.

Dropped as a British Superbike support class for 2000, the CB500 Cup was picked up by the New Era Motorcycle Club, who ran the class for a further 9 years until the club's closure at the end of 2008.

The French series also still runs to this day.

CB500 Cup racers

Endurance World Championship is the premier worldwide endurance motorcycle racing championship. The championship season consists of a series of endurance races held on permanent racing facilities. The results of each race are combined to determine three World Championships, riders, teams and manufacturers. Until 2016, the championship is held on a yearly basis, but in order to take advantage of the winter break in MotoGP and Superbikes season, since September 2016 it runs from September to July, with the European races held in September, and then spring and summer of the next year.

American Motorcyclist Association nonprofit organization

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is an American nonprofit organization of more than 200,000 motorcyclists that organizes numerous motorcycling activities and campaigns for motorcyclists' legal rights. Its mission statement is "to promote the motorcycling lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling." The organization was founded in 1924 and as of October 2016 had more than 1,100 chartered clubs.

The British Supersport Championship, National Superstock 1000 & 600 and the British Motostar Championship are the four main championship series that are run as support races alongside the British Superbike Championship. In 2012 the Motostar category replaced the defunct 125cc category that had been running since the start of the British Superbike Championship in 1988, Motostar was open to both 125 and 250 machines similar to Moto 3 machines. The Supersport racing started in 1989 and is a class comprising 600cc Motorcycles that are allowed racing modifications and custom tuning. It wasn't until 2000 that the Superstock 1000 category replaced the defunct 250cc category, with the Superstock 600 championship being the newest addition on the support series in 2008. In 2010 the Superstock 1000 and Superstock 600 categories also supported the British rounds of the Superbike World Championship and the Moto GP both at Silverstone.

UK Champions

Year Title Rider
2015 Thundersport 500 Champion Joe Barton
2014 Thundersport 500 Champion Carl Smalley
2013 Thundersport 500 Champion Adam Shelton
2012 Thundersport 500 Champion Adam Clarke
2011 Thundersport 500 Champion Andy Lawson
2010 Thundersport 500 Champion Mark Evans
2009 Thundersport 500 Champion Jonathan Harrison
2008 Superclub Champion Tom Young
2007 Superclub Champion Ryan Tyers
2006 Superclub Champion Alex Gault
2005 Superclub Champion Rick Coles
2004 Superclub Champion Jonty Dixon
2003 Superclub Champion Stephen Thompson
2002 Superclub Champion William Snook
2001 Superclub Champion Richard Harrison
2000 Superclub Champion Chris Firmin
1999 Star of Tomorrow Champion Dominic Davies
1998National Champion Gordon Blackley
Newcomers Champion James Ellison
1997National Champion James Toseland
Newcomers Champion Chris Sherring

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James Desmond Ellison is an English motorcycle racer. After two seasons on a Yamaha R1, Ellison expected to retire at the end of 2018, but in 2019, he will again compete in the British Superbike Championship series, aboard a BMW S1000RR.

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The 2008 British Superbike Championship season was scheduled to begin on 6 April 2008; however, snow at Brands Hatch forced the abandonment of the day's races, which were later rescheduled. The series was rescheduled to start on 20 April and end on 12 October 2008.

Ten Kate Racing

Ten Kate Racing is a motorbike racing team, currently competing in the Superbike World Championship under the name Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team. The riders for 2018 are Leon Camier, previously with MV Agusta, and Jake Gagne, previously in American Superbikes.

Niccolò Canepa Italian motorcycle racer

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The British Motorcycle Racing Club, known as BMCRC or Bemsee, is the largest motorcycle racing club of its type in the UK and organises a range of championships including Thunderbikes, Superstock 1000, Formula 400s and sidecars.

Glen Richards Australian motorcycle racer

Glen Richards, is an Australian former professional motorcycle road racer and racing team manager. He raced primarily in the United Kingdom, winning the British Supersport Championship and the British Superstock championships and was a regular participant in the British Superbike Championship.

Superbike racing

Superbike racing is a category of motorcycle racing that employs highly modified production motorcycles, as opposed to MotoGP in which purpose-built motorcycles are used. The Superbike World Championship is the official world championship series, though national Superbike championships are held in many countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Australia and Canada. Superbike racing is generally popular with manufacturers, since it helps promote and sell their product, as captured by the slogan "Win on Sunday; Sell on Monday".

SĂ©bastien Charpentier (motorcyclist) Frenc motorcycle racer

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Alex Lowes British motorcycle rider

Alexander Thomas "Alex" Lowes is an English motorcycle rider. He currently competes in the Superbike World Championship aboard a Yamaha YZF-R1 for Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team. He was the 2013 title holder of the British Superbike Championship riding a Honda CBR1000RR for Samsung Honda. He previously raced in the British Supersport Championship and the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup. He is the identical twin brother of fellow rider Sam Lowes.

Fraser Rogers is a British Grand Prix motorcycle racer. He currently competes in the British Superbike Championship aboard a Kawasaki ZX-10RR.

Jason Pridmore American motorcycle racer

Jason Pridmore is a retired American professional motorcycle racer who turned pro in 1990. He last raced professionally in the 2014 FIM World Endurance Championship on a BMW S1000rr for Team Penz 13. His professional career spanned 22 years, during which he won 21 American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) national races 17 of which are Superstock class wins which is second to Scott Russell. Pridmore was the AMA Formula Extreme Championship in 2002, the AMA 750 Supersport Championship in 1997 as well as the FIM Endurance World Championship title in 2003 & 2012 respectively. In addition to his professional racing career Pridmore gained notoriety for being one of the top riding coaches in the United States through his STAR Motorcycle school and JP43 Training programs. Pridmore also spends time as an expert analyst for Bein Sports coverage of the Moto America championships.