Tianjin No. 7 Middle School

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Tianjin No. 7 Middle School was founded in 1951, and was one of the earliest key high schools in Tianjin. [1] It is a state model high school which employs 8 special-grade teachers, 3 Hedong District famous teachers.


Tianjin No. 7 Middle School is situated at No. 30, Chenglin Road, Hedong district in Tianjin, China. No.7 School has 31089 square meters floor area and over 15000 square meters green space in the campus. [2] It provides a good studying environment for their students. At present, there are 60 classes with more than 3000 students.[ citation needed ] No.7 Middle School is one of the national model schools and their facilities are up to the national first-class standard. This school contains two teaching buildings, an office building, a science and technology building, a laboratory building, a library building, a complex building, a student’s residence, a school cafeteria, and an exotic garden with Roman architecture style. In addition, No.7 Middle School also equipped with a football field, 3 basketball courts, and an 8 tracks, 300-meter athletic runway.[ citation needed ]

Faculty Groups

No. 7 Middle School has 268 faculty members.[ citation needed ] Among them, 8 teachers are at Special-Class level; 3 teachers are Hedong’s Star Teachers; 1 teacher has the Doctor Degree and 30 teachers have the master's degrees. Also, there are more than 50 teachers named as Accomplished Teachers of Hedong in Tianjin. [3]

School’s Achievement

No.7 Middle School earned a lot of honorable titles because of their good teaching accomplishments. In 2008: No. 7 Middle School was named as Spiritual Civilization School of China. In 2009, No.7 Middle School made their breakthrough of education system, and they have won many titles in that year as following: ① No. 7 Middle School was named as an advanced unit of The Best Education System in Tianjin.[ citation needed ] ② No.7 Middle School won the titles of:

  1. The Safety Model School;
  2. Advanced Unit for Fire Safety;
  3. Advanced Unit in Red Cross Society of Education System;
  4. Excellent School for Parents in Education System;

Also, ③ The Ministry of Education honored No.7 Middle School as one of the best National Green School.[ citation needed ] These titles all proofed that No.7 Middle School’s has done a brilliant work in the education system in China.

Student’s Achievements

Tianjin No. 7 Middle School combined with both senior and high schools together. There are more than 78.1% No. 7 High school’s students being admitted by key universities every year.[ citation needed ] Among them, a student called Wang Shan won the Liberal Art tied-champion of Tianjin with a very high score of 681 in 2009 and she went to Tsinghua University.[ citation needed ] In 2011, there were 46 students got the score over 600 and there were 328 students had the score over 500 during the final high school examination.[ citation needed ] Also, No.7 Middle School’s students did well in the competitions. Such as China Math Olympic Competition; China Physics Olympic Competition; China Chemistry Olympic Competition; China Adolescents Science; Technology Invention Contest; Many Essay Contests and Athletic Contests, etc. Hundreds of the students from No.7 Middle School won first or second places in all contends. No.7 Middle School have made great contributions to the development of education in Tianjin, China.[ citation needed ]

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