Tibi Dam

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Tibi Dam
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Location of Tibi Dam in Spain
Official namePresa Tibi
Coordinates 38°30′2.35″N0°33′28.35″W / 38.5006528°N 0.5578750°W / 38.5006528; -0.5578750 Coordinates: 38°30′2.35″N0°33′28.35″W / 38.5006528°N 0.5578750°W / 38.5006528; -0.5578750
Construction began1579
Opening date1594
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Masonry
Height65 m (213 ft)
Height (thalweg)42 m (138 ft)
Creates4,300,000,000 m3 (3,500,000 acre⋅ft)

The Tibi Dam (in Spanish embalse de Tibi) is a masonry dam on Monegre River about 3 km (1.9 mi) south of Tibi in Valencian Community, Spain. It is one of the oldest non-Roman dams in Europe. It was constructed between 1579 and 1594 with the purpose of using its reservoir to help irrigate areas around Tibi. A spillway was constructed on the right side of the dam in 1697 after it partially failed due to flooding. [1]

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