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Magnus Tideman, is a former professional tennis player from Sweden. He enjoyed most of his tennis success while playing doubles, winning 1 doubles title and achieved a career-high of World No. 43 in 1988. In singles, he reached the quarterfinals of Toulouse in 1982 and achieved a career-high ranking of World No. 100 in 1983. Tideman also defeated Manuel Orantes en route to the third round of the 1983 French Open.

Thorwald Nicolaus Tideman is a Georgist economist and professor at Virginia Tech. He received his Bachelor of Arts in economics and mathematics from Reed College in 1965 and his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago in 1969. Tideman was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Harvard University from 1969-1973, during which time from 1970-1971 he was a Senior Staff Economist for the President's Council of Economic Advisors. Since 1973 he has been at Virginia Tech, with various visiting positions at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government (1979-1980), University of Buckingham (1985-1986), and the American Institute for Economic Research (1999-2000).

Robert Tideman was a medieval Bishop of Llandaff and Bishop of Worcester.

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Tideman Johnson Natural Area

Tideman Johnson Natural Area is a city park of about 7.7 acres (3.1 ha) in southeast Portland, in the U.S. state of Oregon. Located at Southeast 37th Avenue and Tenino Street along Johnson Creek, the site is named for a mid-19th century family named Johnson that encouraged public use of its land along the creek. The park has paved and unpaved paths for hiking. A loop trail and boardwalk off the Springwater Corridor runs through the park.

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Ranked pairs (RP) or the Tideman method is an electoral system developed in 1987 by Nicolaus Tideman that selects a single winner using votes that express preferences. RP can also be used to create a sorted list of winners.

Resolvability criterion can refer to any voting system criterion that ensures a low possibility of tie votes.

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Serena Tideman is an American composer and classical and improvisational cellist who resides in Port Townsend, Washington.

The 1983 Bordeaux Open also known as the "Grand Prix Passing Shot" was a tennis tournament played on Clay Courts in Bordeaux in France that was part of the 1983 Volvo Grand Prix. The tournament was held from September 19 through September 23, 1983.

Philip Tideman Dutch painter

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Events from the year 1963 in Sweden

The 1987 Mercedes Cup, was a men's tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts and held at the Tennis Club Weissenhof in Stuttgart, West Germany that was part of the 1987 Grand Prix circuit. It was the 10th edition of the tournament and was held from 13 July until 19 July 1987. First-seeded Miloslav Mečíř won the singles title.

Bruno Joannes Tideman (1834-1883) was a naval engineer in the Netherlands, who acted as consultant to the ship building industry. In 1873 he designed a new type of engine that enable ships to gain significant speed, which at the time was considered a revolutionary innovation.

Tideman's Alternative Methods, including Alternative Smith and Alternative Schwartz, are two electoral systems developed by Nicolaus Tideman which select a single winner using votes that express preferences. These methods can also create a sorted list of winners.

Anton Tideman is a Swedish footballer who plays for Trelleborgs FF.