Robert Tideman of Winchcombe

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Robert Tideman of Winchcombe
Bishop of Worcester
Appointed15 June 1395
Term ended13 June 1401
Predecessor Henry Wakefield
Successor Richard Clifford
Consecration13 October 1393
Personal details
Died13 June 1401
Denomination Roman Catholic
Previous post(s) Bishop of Llandaff

Robert Tideman (often Robert Tideman of Winchcombe) was a medieval Bishop of Llandaff and Bishop of Worcester.

Tideman was consecrated Bishop of Llandaff on 13 October 1393 [1] and translated to the see of Worcester on 15 June 1395. [2]

Tideman [3] enjoyed influence at the court of King Richard II of England.

Tideman died on 13 June 1401. [2]

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