Tides of Flame

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Tides of Flame
TypeRegional news and commentary for the Seattle and Puget Sound area.
FormatBi-weekly newspaper
Founded2011 (2011)
Political alignment Anarchism
Language English
Ceased publicationDecember 17, 2012 (2012-12-17)
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Website http://tidesofflame.wordpress.com/

Tides of Flame was an insurrectionist-anarchist newspaper published in Seattle, WA. Tides of Flame regularly re-printed communiques claiming responsibility for property destruction taking place in the Puget Sound region. This had the effect of attracting attention from reviewers [1] [2] [3] at The Stranger , a Seattle-based alternative newsweekly. Tides of Flame announced the ceasing of publication on December 17, 2012, recapping many of the themes and events covered by the publication. [4]

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