Tiempo (magazine)

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Categories News magazine
Circulation 29,229 (2013)
PublisherGrupo Zeta
FounderAntonio Asensio Pizarro
First issue17 May 1982 (1982-05-17)
Final issueJanuary 2018
Country Spain
Based in Madrid
Language Spanish
Website Tiempo

Tiempo, also known as El Tiempo and Tiempo de hoy, was a Spanish language weekly news magazine published in Spain from 1982 to 2018.


History and profile

Tiempo was first published on 17 May 1982. [1] [2] Its founder was Antonio Asensio Pizarro, [1] who also established Grupo Zeta in 1976. [3] Julián Lago was the first editor-in-chief of the magazine of which headquarters is in Madrid. [2] Although it was started as political magazine, its focus on politics reduced in June 1987. [2] Then it began to frequently cover news about culture, entertainment, economy and sports. [2]

The magazine was published weekly by Diciones Zeta, S.A. or Grupo Zeta on Fridays. [1] [4] [5] The company also published other publications, including Interviu , a magazine, [6] [7] and El Periódico de Catalunya , a daily newspaper. [8]

Tiempo focused on news about social issues. [1] Its target audience was people of high and upper-medium social class from all parts of Spain [4] [9] and 67% of its readers were male. [9] The magazine had a council of readers. [10] The magazine had a centrist political leaning [11] and was a sensationalist publication. [12] The US Department of State also described the magazine as a centrist publication in 2000. [13] It was also argued that the weekly had a left-liberal political stance. [1]

Its last issue was published in January, 2018. [14]


The circulation of Tiempo was 141,000 copies in 1994. [15] Its circulation was 31,680 copies in 2009. [16] In June 2011 the weekly had a circulation of 24,975 copies. [9] For the first part of 2013 the circulation of the magazine rose to 29,229 copies. [17]

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