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Schwarz is a common surname, derived from the German schwarz, pronounced [ˈʃvaʁts](listen), meaning the color black. Notable people with the surname include:

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Leonhard Tietz was born on 3 March 1849 in Birnbaum an der Warthe, Province of Posen, Prussia and died on 14 November 1914). He was a German merchant of Jewish origin.

Hermann Tietz was a German rabbi.

Hermann Tietz

Hermann Tietz was a German merchant of Jewish origin. Tietz was born on 29 April 1837, in Birnbaum an der Warthe near Posen and died on 3 May 1907 in Berlin). He was buried in the Weißensee Cemetery.

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Oscar Tietz was a Jewish-German businessman (Unternehmer).

The surname Hecht comes from house shields. In Yiddish der hekht means spear, arms. In modern German Der Hecht is the fish known in English as a pike.

Viktor Tietz

Viktor Tietz (13 April, 1859, Rumburg was an ethnic-German Austrian and Czechoslovak chess player, chess life organizer and local politician.