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Tiffany Ann Laufer is an American film director, [1] screenwriter, children's author and photographer. Her photos have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, [2] New York Times, [3] and NPR. [4]


Laufer studied cinematography at The American Film Institute and undergraduate studies at Georgetown University. She wrote and directed the award-winning short film, The Acorn Penny. [5] She has written and illustrated three children's books: The Porch Dream, [6] [7] Bellaboo & Colby's Colors of Summer and Bellaboo & B–Bug's Book of Counting.

She presently is the Creative Lead in Photography & Film for The Jackson Laboratory (Nonprofit).



Music videos


Children's books

Visual art books


The Acorn Penny was awarded First Place (Experimental Film Category) Twin Rivers Multimedia Festival May 2010. [5]

Bronze Telly Award | A New Partner in Research - for Nonprofit branded content (The Jackson Laboratory) Laufer served as Director/DP/Producer - 2018 [10]

Bronze Telly Award | Alzheimer's POV Campaign - for Nonprofit branded content (The Jackson Laboratory) Laufer served as Director/DP/Producer - 2019 [11]

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