Tiger (TV series)

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Genre Mystery Thriller
Written bySanjay Kumar
Directed byShahab Shamsi Rajan Waghdhare
Creative directorNitish Roy (Art director)
Starring see below
Theme music composerLouis Banks
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
ProducerSunil Khanwalkar
EditorMahesh Mistry
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running timeapproximately 25 minutes
Original network DD Metro
Original release1993 (1993)

Tiger was an Indian detective soap opera that aired in the 1990s, directed by Shahab Shamsi.



Set in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, it consists of unique episodes of detective theme.


Director: Shahab Shamsi


Anand/Tiger Rishabh Shukla (14 episodes)
Anand/Tiger Ravindra Mankani
Sheikh ChilliVijay Kadam
AnjaliArundhati Ganorkar

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