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Tiger Fafara
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Fafara in 2013
Lucas Stanley Fafara II

(1945-01-03) January 3, 1945 (age 78)
Years active19551961; 19831987
Children Dez Fafara
Relatives Stanley Fafara (brother)

Lucas "Luke" Fafara II (born January 3, 1945), also known as Tiger Fafara, is a former American child actor best known for portraying the role of "Tooey Brown" on the sitcom Leave It to Beaver .



Born in San Francisco, California, Fafara is the older brother of Stanley Fafara. Both boys were raised in Studio City, Los Angeles and began acting in film and television in the mid-1950s. Both were hired to appear on Leave It to Beaver after their mother took them to an open casting call. "Tiger" Fafara was cast as "Tooey Brown," a friend of Wally Cleaver while Stanley was cast as Beaver Cleaver's friend Hubert "Whitey" Whitney. [1]

Besides appearing on Leave It to Beaver, Fafara appeared in episodes of various television series including Schlitz Playhouse of Stars , Private Secretary , Lassie , The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin , Make Room for Daddy , The Donna Reed Show, Wagon Train, and My Three Sons . He also had minor roles in the 1955 drama Good Morning, Miss Dove (Fafara and his brother Stanley portrayed the role of the same character as a child) and the 1957 melodrama All Mine to Give . Fafara left Leave It to Beaver in 1960 and stopped acting professionally in 1961.

Fafara returned to acting in 1983 with an appearance as the adult Tooey Brown in the television reunion film Still the Beaver . [2] He reprised the role in the follow-up sitcom The New Leave It to Beaver , from 1983 to 1987.

Personal life

He is the father of Dez Fafara, the vocalist of heavy metal bands DevilDriver and Coal Chamber. [3]


1953 The Hank McCune Show October 25, 1953 episode
1954 Cavalcade of America Episode: "Man of Glass: The Story of a Glassmaker"
1954 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Episode: "The Plugged Nickel"
1954 Four Star Playhouse 2 episodes
1955 Good Morning, Miss Dove Fred Makepeace - Age 12Uncredited
1955 Fireside Theater HoraceEpisode: "Woman at Sea"
1955 Screen Directors Playhouse BobbyEpisode: "Rookie of the Year"
1955 TV Reader's Digest Second Wise ManEpisode: "When the Wise Men Appeared"
1955 Climax! Episode: "The Day They Gave Babies Away"
1956 I Led Three Lives Joe LawrenceEpisode: "Historical Society"
1956 Private Secretary Dickie DarlingEpisode: "Old Dog, New Tricks"
1956 My Friend Flicka Tuck2 episodes
1956 Lassie SchoolboyEpisode: "Friendship"
1956-1957 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Alfred
2 episodes
1957 Make Room for Daddy Eddie - Boy at OrphanageEpisode: "The Orphan Asylum"
1957 All Mine to Give Bit partUncredited
1957 Telephone Time Jimmy BrantingEpisode: "Stranded"
1957 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp'Benny BurkettEpisode: "The Good and Perfect Gift"
1957-1960 Leave It to Beaver Tooey Brown19 episodes
1958 Wagon Train Johnny O'MalleyEpisode: "The Luke O'Malley Story"
1958 M Squad TommyEpisode: "The Long Ride"
1958 Shirley Temple's Storybook Episode: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
1959 Law of the Plainsman Roy GarnettEpisode: "The Hostiles"
1960 The Donna Reed Show CharlieEpisode: "Pickles for Charity"
1961 My Three Sons RogerEpisode: "Fire Watch"
1983Still the BeaverTooey BrownTelevision movie
Credited as Luke Fafara
1983-1987 The New Leave It to Beaver Tooey Brown3 episodes
Credited as Luke "Tiger" Fafara

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