Tiger of the Seven Seas

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Tiger of the Seven Seas
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Directed by Luigi Capuano
Cinematography Alvaro Mancori
Music by Carlo Rustichelli
Release date

La tigre dei sette mari, internationally released as Tiger of the Seven Seas, is a 1962 Italian adventure film directed by Luigi Capuano. [1]


It was a sequel to Queen of the Pirates .


Consuelo is the daughter of the famous pirate nicknamed the Tiger. When he feels tired and decides to leave the command of the ship, he chooses to give it to the winner of a challenge among his men, but unexpectedly, Consuelo wins. The same night Tiger is killed, William is charged with the killing and is sentenced to death.

But before the sentence could be executed, the Spaniards of Grand Duke Inigo arrives. Consuelo and William escape, and after an initial distrust between the two, they come together after discovering that William was falsely blamed to take revenge on the traitor and recover the treasure of the Tiger.



Anthony Steel had recently settled permanently in Italy. [2]


Monthly Film Bulletin called it "a dull, mechanical affair." [3]

Filmink said Steel "is the male lead for pirate queen Gianna Maria Canale, who beats him in a sword duel and has to rescue him later. Which is surprisingly and enjoyably feminist but presumably helped further dint Steel’s already-fragile ego. Incidentally, the film indicates that the actor’s physical appearance was starting to disintegrate – he was still handsome with all his hair and no gut, but his face was appearing increasingly gaunt and tired." [2]

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