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Tiiu Aro
Aro ja Tuisk.IMG 20200625 103514.jpg
Tiiu Aro and Mikk Tuisk waiting for Estonian and Latvian president
Foto: Ave Maria Mõistlik, 25. June 2020
Minister of Social Affairs
In office
2 December 1996 25 March 1999
Prime Minister Tiit Vähi
Mart Siimann
Preceded by Toomas Vilosius
Succeeded by Eiki Nestor
Personal details
Born (1952-06-18) 18 June 1952 (age 68)
Kuressaare, Estonia

Tiiu Aro (born June 18, 1952 in Kuressaare) is an Estonian physician and politician.

She is a former Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia, [1] having served in that position from 1996 to 1999. Her aunt, Marta Kivi (born 6 February 1912) is the oldest known living person in Estonia. [2]

From 1999 to 2009 she worked as Director General of the Estonian Health Inspection and on 1 January 2010 she became Director General of the Health Board.

Preceded by
Toomas Vilosius
Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia
2 December 1996 – 25 March 1999
Succeeded by
Eiki Nestor

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