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Tilda rice works, Rainham, London Tilda Rice works Rainham.JPG
Tilda rice works, Rainham, London

Tilda is the brand name used since 1970 for a rice and related food products company now headquartered in Rainham, England and with offices in Dubai, (UAE) and Delhi (India). [1]

Its basmati rice is the top-selling rice in the United Kingdom. [2] Since 1994, they have operated Tilda Foodservice, providing professional kitchens with a variety of uncooked dry and frozen rice products. The brand is now over 50 years old, selling a variety of product and not just their basmati rice but other varieties of dry rice, microwave convenience rice as well as a range of rice suitable for children.

The company was purchased in 2014 by US group Hain Celestial. [1] Hain Celestial Group sold the company to Spanish group Ebro Foods in August 2019. [3]

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