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Condé is a French place name and personal name. It is ultimately derived from a Celtic word, "Condate", meaning "confluence" - from which was derived the Romanised form "Condatum", in use during the Roman period, and thence to the French "Condé" found at various locations.

Billy may refer to:

Fleury may refer to:

Montreuil most often refers to Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, in the eastern suburbs of Paris, in the Seine-Saint-Denis département.

Dampierre is the name of several communes in France:

Villette or Villettes may refer to:

Fontenay can refer to:

Saint-Pierre may refer to:

Montigny is the name, or part of the name, of several places:

Rouvres may refer to several communes in France:

Saint-Aubin may refer to:

Saint Laurent, Saint-Laurent, St. Laurent or St-Laurent may refer to:

Saint-Rémy or Saint-Remy may refer to:

Villers may refer to:

Villiers may refer to:

Neuville may refer to:

Noyers may refer to the following communes in France:

Selles may refer to:

Courcelles may refer to: