Tim Bergmann

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Tim Bergmann
Born (1972-03-02) 2 March 1972 (age 51)
Years active1993-present

Tim Bergmann (born 2 March 1972) is a German actor. [1] He appeared in more than ninety films since 1993.



1995 Over My Dead Body Zuhälter 2 - Pimp #2
1996 Regular Guys Edgar
1998 Solo for Clarinet  [ de ]Freddie Bahlo
Flanell No. 5
1999 Bombs Under Berlin  [ de ]Alex FechtnerTV film
PrototypeMarlowTV film
Your Best YearsAndreas WolgastTV film
2001 Moonlight Tariff  [ de ]Dr. Daniel Hoffmann
2003 Der Seerosenteich  [ de ]Jon RixTV film
How Do You Change Your Parents?  [ de ]Max HochTV film
Cleaning Up  [ de ]FrankTV film
2004 Platinum  [ de ] Hans Merensky TV film
2007 Day of Disaster  [ de ]Dietmar FechterTV film
The Zürich Engagement  [ de ]Jean BernerTV film
2010 Sasha  [ de ]Gebhard
2011 The Cold Sky  [ de ]Niklas CromerTV film
2012 Rommel Oberstleutnant Von Hofacker TV film
2013 Snow White Must Die  [ de ]Oliver von BodensteinTV film
Schwester WeißTheo Hagedorn

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Karl Bergmann was a German politician of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and former member of the German Bundestag.

Leonidas Zervas was a Greek organic chemist who made seminal contributions in peptide chemical synthesis. Together with his mentor Max Bergmann they laid the foundations for the field in 1932 with their major discovery, the Bergmann-Zervas carboxybenzoxy oligopeptide synthesis which remained unsurpassed in utility for the next two decades. The carboxybenzyl protecting group he discovered is often abbreviated Z in his honour.


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