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Tim Douglas is the former mayor of Bellingham, Washington. Douglas moved to Bellingham in August 1967, after completing his master's degree in Indiana. [1]

Douglas was appointed by the Bellingham City Council in September 2006 to serve the remainder of former Mayor Mark Asmundson's four-year term. [2] He had previously served as mayor from 1984–1995. He left office when Mayor Dan Pike was elected in November 2007. [2]

Douglas was given a lifetime community service award in May 2006. [1]

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The Bellingham riots occurred on September 4, 1907, in Bellingham, Washington, United States. A mob of 400–500 white men, predominantly members of the Asiatic Exclusion League, with intentions to exclude East Indian immigrants from the work force of the local lumber mills, attacked the homes of the South Asian Indians. The Indians were mostly Sikhs but were labelled as Hindus by much of the media of the day.

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The history of Bellingham, Washington, as it is now known, begins with the settling of Whatcom County in the mid-to-late 19th century.

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