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Timothy Iredale (born 24 October 1972 in Huddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire) is an English television journalist, currently the Political Editor for BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Early life

Iredale grew up in Huddersfield and attended Shelley High School on Huddersfield Road in Shelley, West Yorkshire.


Tim Iredale is the BBC Political Editor for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (broadcast from Belmont). He covers the region which was home to some of the most familiar political heavyweights, including John Prescott (Baron Prescott), Alan Johnson and David Davis.

He worked in Exeter for a local newspaper.


Prior to moving to the BBC in 2006, Tim was the Chief Political Correspondent for ITV Yorkshire from 2001 (broadcast from Emley Moor and Belmont).


In September 2009 he became the main presenter for the region's Politics Show, broadcast Sundays on BBC1. This had been presented by Clare Frisby, and previous to her, Cathy Killick. He has also acted as a political reporter (known as a network correspondent) for Radio 4's news programmes. The Politics Show became Sunday Politics .

He is also a regular presenter of the Look North programme.

Personal life

He lives in Bradford. His Barnsley-born wife, Jennine (née Stanley), is a veterinary nurse in Batley.

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Media offices
Preceded by Presenter of Sunday Politics Yorkshire
September 2009 -
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Political Editor of BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
2006 -
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Chief Political Correspondent of ITV Yorkshire
2001 – 2006
Succeeded by

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