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Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber are an American television writing and producing duo. Their credits include Herman's Head , All American Girl , Smart Guy , Jessie , Salute Your Shorts and Lizzie McGuire , as well as creating Phil of the Future and Darcy's Wild Life . [1] [2]



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<i>Lizzie McGuire</i> American comedy television series

Lizzie McGuire is an American comedy television series created by Terri Minsky which premiered on Disney Channel on January 12, 2001. The series stars Hilary Duff as the title character, who navigates the personal and social issues of her teenage years; and an animated version of the character voiced by Duff, who performs soliloquies to express Lizzie's inner thoughts and emotions. The series also stars Lalaine, Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine. The final episode aired on February 14, 2004, after a total of 65 episodes were produced. A feature film based on the series was released on May 2, 2003.

<i>Salute Your Shorts</i> American sitcom (1991–1992)

Salute Your Shorts is an American television sitcom created by Steve Slavkin and produced by Propaganda Films, which aired on Nickelodeon from July 4, 1991 to September 12, 1992.

A television producer is a person who oversees one or more aspects of video production on a television program. Some producers take more of an executive role, in that they conceive new programs and pitch them to the television networks, but upon acceptance they focus on business matters, such as budgets and contracts. Other producers are more involved with the day-to-day workings, participating in activities such as screenwriting, set design, casting, and directing.

Alex Borstein American actress

Alexandrea Borstein is an American actress, comedian, writer and producer. Borstein voices Lois Griffin on the animated comedy television series Family Guy (1999–present), and won a Primetime Emmy Award for the role. She gained acclaim for starring as Susie Myerson in the comedy-drama series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017–present), which has earned her two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Graham Yost Canadian film and television screenwriter

Graham John Yost is a Canadian film and television screenwriter. His best-known works are the films Speed, Broken Arrow, and Hard Rain and the TV series Justified. In 2002, he created the television drama series Boomtown.

Terri Minsky is an American television writer and producer who created The Geena Davis Show, Lizzie McGuire, Less Than Perfect, and Andi Mack.

Savage Steve Holland American writer

Savage Steve Holland is an American writer, cartoonist, producer, voice actor, animator, and film director who wrote and directed the films Better Off Dead (1985) and One Crazy Summer (1986), starring John Cusack. He also directed the film How I Got into College (1989), and animated the "Whammy" on the game show Press Your Luck. He later went on to create and produce Eek! the Cat and The Terrible Thunderlizards for Fox Kids. He now manages his own studio, Savage Studios Ltd., and directs shows for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Claudia Lonow is an American actress, comedian, television writer and producer. She is best known for Diana Fairgate on Knots Landing (1979-1984;1993).

Mike Scully American writer and producer (born 1956)

Mike Scully is an American television writer and producer. He is known for his work as executive producer and showrunner of the animated sitcom The Simpsons from 1997 to 2001. Scully grew up in West Springfield, Massachusetts and long had an interest in writing. He was an underachiever at school and dropped out of college, going on to work in a series of jobs. Eventually, in 1986, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a stand-up comic and wrote for Yakov Smirnoff.

Richard Appel American writer and producer (born 1963)

Richard James Appel is an American writer, producer and former attorney. Since 2012, he has served as an Executive Producer and co-showrunner of Family Guy on Fox. He attended Harvard University and Harvard Law School. As an undergraduate, he wrote for the Harvard Lampoon.

"Petergeist" is the 26th episode from season four of Fox animated series Family Guy. Peter decides to build a multiplex to top Joe's new home theater, but comes across a Native American skull in his backyard and desecrates it. As a result, a poltergeist haunts the Griffins' house and spirits drag Stewie away to the other side, followed by even stranger events.

<i>Love, God, Murder</i>

Love, God, Murder is a Johnny Cash compilation box set released in 2000. It features three themed CDs of songs Cash chose from his catalog. Love features relationship songs, mostly written for June Carter Cash. God is a collection of Gospel and spiritual songs. Murder features another recurring topic of Cash's career, and perhaps his favorite subject, but one that he encouraged people "not to go out and do". Each album was also released separately on the same day. In 2004 Life, a fourth compilation was released.

Stan Rogow is an American music manager, writer and producer of film and television.

Alan Zweibel is an American television writer, author, playwright, and screenwriter who was one of the original Saturday Night Live writers, a co-creator of It's Garry Shandling's Show, and consulting producer on Curb Your Enthusiasm. For the Broadway stage he collaborated with Billy Crystal on the Tony Award-winning play 700 Sundays, won the Thurber Prize for American Humor for his novel The Other Shulman: A Novel, and, most recently, co-wrote a film with Crystal titled Here Today that stars Crystal and Tiffany Haddish.

Roger S. H. Schulman is an American film and television screenwriter and producer. He co-wrote the animated feature Shrek, for which he won the British Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Writing.

<i>Family Guy</i> (season 1) for a season of an animated series

The first season of the animated comedy series Family Guy aired on Fox from January 31 to May 16, 1999, and consisted of seven episodes. The series follows the dysfunctional Griffin family—father Peter, mother Lois, daughter Meg, son Chris, son Stewie and their anthropomorphic dog Brian, all of whom reside in their hometown of Quahog. The show features the voices of series creator Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, and Lacey Chabert in the roles of the Griffin family. The executive producers for the first season were David Zuckerman and MacFarlane.

<i>Famous 5: On the Case</i>

Famous 5: On The Case is a British animated television series which was broadcast in the United Kingdom, on the Disney Channel, and in the United States, on Qubo. It is a British and French television co-production, loosely based on The Famous Five series of books created by Enid Blyton. At least some of the episodes have been developed for television by Douglas Tuber and Tim Maile, the writers of the former Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire. On 21 June 2008 the show debuted in Italy and Australia on Disney Channel.

<i>Family Guy</i> (season 7) Seventh season of Family Guy

Family Guy's seventh season first aired on the Fox network in sixteen episodes from September 28, 2008 to May 17, 2009 before being released as two DVD box sets and syndicated. The animated television series follows the dysfunctional Griffin family, who reside in the town of Quahog. The show features the voices of series creator Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, and Mila Kunis in the roles of the Griffin family.

Tim O'Donnell is an American television director, producer and writer.

Amy and Wendy Engelberg are an American television writing and producing team who are sisters. They wrote and produced for Maybe This Time, Clueless, Lizzie McGuire, What I Like About You, Sonny with a Chance and Drop Dead Diva. As well as writing for television, films they worked on include Stuck in the Suburbs and Made... The Movie.


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