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Tim Molloy is a New Zealand illustrator and comic artist, living and working in Melbourne. [1] Molloy's work has appeared in Tango, [2] Torpedo [3] and Desktop Magazine. [4] In 2007 he published a collection of his comic art as Under the Bed. [5] Since 2006 he has collaborated with writer Adam Lachlan to produce Life on Earth cartoons. [6] Recently he has published two graphic novels, It Shines and Shakes and Laughs and Mr Unpronounceable Adventures through Australian publisher, Milk Shadow Books.

As a promotion for the web series Zombies On Ramsay Street, Molloy was employed to zombify a number of press social media profiles. He gave the same treatment to MyM magazine's official mascot Mya Tenshi, in Issue 31.

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Robyn E. Kenealy is a comic book artist and organiser in the New Zealand art communities. She is based in Wellington, and had a role in establishing the 91 Aro St Gallery, organising the New Zealand Comics Weekend and the Eric Awards. Kenealy's early works, Influenza in Wellington and Love Ain't Easy, were predominantly autobiographical comics. Her later work Roddy's Film Companion marks a distinct shift from this style. Although Roddy's Film Companion is biographical, it is also fictional and frequently acknowledges the limitations of 'truth' and 'fact' in historical research. These themes are continued in Steve Rogers' American Captain, an autobiographical comic told from the perspective of Captain America's alter-ego.

Nicki Greenberg is a Melbourne-based Australian comic artist and illustrator.

<i>Tango</i> (comics)

Tango was a comics anthology published in Melbourne, Australia by Cardigan Comics, with nine issues of Tango, published intermittently from 1997 to 2009, and an additional compilation The Tango Collection, published in 2009 by Allen & Unwin.

Anton Emdin is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist from Sydney, Australia.

Art & Australia Pty Ltd is a biannual digital magazine, the country's longest-running art journal, since 1963. Art & Australia relaunched a new digital publishing platform in August 2022.

Wilfred Noel Uppadine Cook (1896–1981) was a New Zealand artist, illustrator, cartoonist and comics artist and a pioneer of science fiction comics. He worked in New Zealand, Australia and England.


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