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Tim Patten (born 1952) is a former roller derby athlete [1] now a self-published author having seven books under his name.


Early life and education

In 1973, Patten moved from Wisconsin to San Francisco. He studied computer science in college and has worked off and on in the computer industry ever since. Patten skated for various professional roller derby leagues from 1973 to 1992.[ citation needed ] In 1988 he became owner of the San Francisco Bay Bombers team. He later formed his own league, the San Francisco-based American Roller Derby League (ARDL), [ citation needed ] which has gone through several incarnations but generally focuses on promoting a team named the Bay City Bombers. [2] [ citation needed ]

Later career

The award-winning documentary film Jam, screening at film festivals and special events in 2006, followed Patten's attempts, from 1998 to 2004, to find success with his league. The documentary Jam also appeared on the SUNDANCE channel for 2.5 years on rotation. [3]

For four years, while seeking treatment for an HIV-related neurological infection, the infection was healed through progressive medications, Patten wrote the novel Roller Babes: the Story of the Roller Derby Queen, which he self-published under his sister's name D. M. Bordner in 2005. She receives his royalties. The novel was described in an independent, Michigan-based publication[ citation needed ] as "a fictional yet historically accurate and personalized account of the national women's roller derby leagues in the 1950s". Film rights to the novel were sold to Kaliber Films in July 2006.

In 2014, Patten wrote the book, honoring Herbivour and MGTOW: Why I Cheat: Men, Marriage, and Cheating.


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Annis "Big Red" Jensen was an American roller derby skater. In 1954, she was the first women's captain of the San Francisco Bay Bombers in the IRDL professional roller derby league. At the time of retirement in 1969, she was the oldest active skater in league history.


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