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Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit available in Australia and New Zealand.

Tim Tam may also refer to:

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A verb is a word that in syntax generally conveys an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. In the usual description of English, the basic form, with or without the particle to, is the infinitive. In many languages, verbs are inflected to encode tense, aspect, mood, and voice. A verb may also agree with the person, gender or number of some of its arguments, such as its subject, or object. Verbs have tenses: present, to indicate that an action is being carried out; past, to indicate that an action has been done; future, to indicate that an action will be done.

LATAM Airlines Brasil, formerly TAM Linhas Aéreas, is the Brazilian brand of LATAM Airlines Group operating international and domestic flights from hubs in Rio, São Paulo, and Brasília. According to the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC), between January and December 2019, LATAM had 34.7% of the domestic, and 20.9% of the international market share in terms of passenger-kilometers flown, making it the second largest domestic and largest international airline in Brazil.

TAM may refer to:

Pukapukan is a Polynesian language that developed in isolation on the island of Pukapuka in the northern group of the Cook Islands. As a "Samoic Outlier" language with strong links to western Polynesia, Pukapukan is not closely related to any other languages of the Cook Islands, but does manifest substantial borrowing from some East Polynesian source in antiquity.

The tamtam, sometimes spelled tam-tam, is a type of gong.

Tamworth may refer to:

Tam o' Shanter is a 1790 poem by Robert Burns.

The Fountain of Youth Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race run annually at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida in late February. A Grade II event open to three-year-olds willing to race one and one-sixteenth miles on the dirt, it currently offers a purse of $300,000. It is the final stakes prep to the Florida Derby and is an official prep race on the Road to the Kentucky Derby.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">The Amazing Meeting</span> Annual conference for skeptics, 2003–2015

The Amazing Meeting (TAM), stylized as The Amaz!ng Meeting, was an annual conference that focused on science, skepticism, and critical thinking; it was held for twelve years. The conference started in 2003 and was sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). Perennial speakers included Penn & Teller, Phil Plait, Michael Shermer and James "The Amazing" Randi. Speakers at the four-day conference were selected from a variety of disciplines including scientific educators, magicians, and community activists. Outside the plenary sessions the conference included workshops, additional panel discussions, music and magic performances and live taping of podcasts including The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. The final Amazing Meeting was held in July 2015.

Tim Tam was a champion American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the 1958 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, but fell short of winning the Triple Crown of American thoroughbred horse racing, coming in second place in the Belmont Stakes. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tan (surname)</span> Surname list

Tan is a common Chinese surname . It is considered the 56th most common surname.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tim Tam</span> Brand of chocolate biscuits

Tim Tam is a brand of chocolate biscuit introduced by the Australian biscuit company Arnott's in 1964. It consists of two malted biscuits separated by a light hard chocolate cream filling and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Theo Tams</span> Musical artist

Theo Tams is a Canadian singer and the winner of the sixth season of the CTV reality show Canadian Idol. His debut album, Give It All Away, was released on 19 May 2009 by Sony Music Canada.

LATAM Airlines Group S.A. is a Chilean airline holding company headquartered in Santiago, Chile. It is considered the largest airline company in Latin America with subsidiaries in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States on 26 May 2020, due to economic problems attributed to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on aviation. Although LATAM Airlines' headquarters are located in Chile, the carrier is an American depositary receipt and traded on both the Santiago Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange at the time of bankruptcy. The company's stock ticker (LTMAQ) was delisted from the NYSE and later moved to the unregulated OTC Markets Pink on 12 June 2020.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tamara Fox</span> Comics character

Tamara "Tam" Fox is fictional character in the DC Comics Universe, specifically a supporting character in the Batman franchise. She first appeared in Batman: Family #1 and was created by John Francis Moore and Stefano Gaudiano.

Tim Tam and The Turn-On's were a 1960s American rock band. They hailed from Allen Park, Michigan. The group consisted of Rick Wiesend, Dan Wiesend, John Ogen, Don Grundman, Earl Rennie and Nick Butsicaris.

The 1958 Kentucky Derby was the 84th running of the Kentucky Derby. The race took place on May 3, 1958.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Theresa Tam</span> 3rd chief public health officer of Canada

Theresa Tam is a Canadian physician and public servant who currently serves as the chief public health officer of Canada, who is the second-in-command of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Tam initially took the role as acting CPHO following the retirement of her predecessor, Gregory Taylor, on 16 December 2016. She was formally appointed on 26 June 2017.

"Bum Bum Tam Tam" is a song recorded by Brazilian musician MC Fioti. The music video was released on 8 March 2017. The song samples Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita in A minor for solo flute. The song has peaked at number one in the Netherlands and the top 5 in France.