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Tim Taylor (right) at the Time Team Big Roman Dig in 2005 with Mick Aston MickAston.jpg
Tim Taylor (right) at the Time Team Big Roman Dig in 2005 with Mick Aston

Professor Timothy Taylor is a British television producer best known for his work as the originator and producer of Channel 4's popular archaeology series Time Team . He is an Executive Producer for Time Team America .

Taylor spent five years teaching, including two years VSO in Thailand, after completing a degree at the University of Birmingham and a PGCE at the University of Exeter. On leaving teaching he set up a company which specialised in producing educational programmes for schools. Today, Taylor is an independent writer and producer of archaeology programmes. He devised the format for Channel 4's Time Team , [1] which was developed from an earlier Channel 4 series Time Signs , first broadcast in 1991. Produced by Taylor, it featured Mick Aston and Phil Harding, who both went on to appear on Time Team. [2] He also produced the spin-off series History Hunters , Time Team Digs and Time Team Live .

Taylor is a Visiting Industrial Professor for the Public Understanding of Archaeology at the University of Bristol, [3] and has written a series of best selling books including The World Atlas of Archaeology in collaboration with Professor Mick Aston, The Ultimate Time Team Companion: An Alternative History of Britain, Behind the Scenes at Time Team, Digging the Dirt and Time Team: A Guide to the Archaeological Sites of Britain and Ireland. [4]

Taylor recently received a Visiting Professorship in 'Archaeology in the Media' from the University of Exeter. [1] [5]

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Time Team is a British television programme that originally aired on Channel 4 from 16 January 1994 to 7 September 2014. Created by television producer Tim Taylor and presented by actor Tony Robinson, each episode featured a team of specialists carrying out an archaeological dig over a period of three days, with Robinson explaining the process in lay terms. The specialists changed throughout the programme's run, although it consistently included professional archaeologists such as Mick Aston, Carenza Lewis, Francis Pryor and Phil Harding. The sites excavated ranged in date from the Palaeolithic to the Second World War.

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Michael Antony Aston was an English archaeologist who specialised in Early Medieval landscape archaeology. Over the course of his career, he lectured at both the University of Bristol and University of Oxford and published fifteen books on archaeological subjects. A keen populariser of the discipline, Aston was widely known for appearing as the resident academic on the Channel 4 television series Time Team from 1994 to 2011.

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Philip Harding DL FSA is a British field archaeologist. He has become a familiar face on the Channel 4 television series Time Team. Harding trained on various excavations with the Bristol University Extra Mural Department and other bodies from 1966; he has been a professional archaeologist since 1971.

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Time Signs is a British television series that aired on Channel 4 in 1991. Presented by Mick Aston, the series tells the story of a Devon valley throughout history. Phil Harding does some reconstruction archaeology. The series was narrated by Ray Brooks.

History Hunters is a British television series that aired on Channel 4 from 1998 to 1999. Presented by the actor Tony Robinson, the show was a spin-off of the archaeology series Time Team, first broadcast on Channel 4 in 1994. The series is also known as Time Team: History Hunters.

Time Team Digs is a British television series that aired on Channel 4 in 2002. Presented by the actor Tony Robinson, the show is a spin-off of the archaeology series Time Team, that first aired on Channel 4 in 1994. It is also known as Time Team Digs: A History of Britain.

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Roadford Lake, also known as Roadford Reservoir is a man-made reservoir fed by the River Wolf. It is located to the north-east of Broadwoodwidger in West Devon, eight miles (13 km) east of Launceston and is the largest area of fresh water in the southwest of England. Operated by South West Water, it directly supplies water for North Devon. It also supplies Plymouth and southwest Devon via releases into the River Tamar for abstraction at Gunnislake. It is a Local Nature Reserve.

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John Selwyn Winzer Gilbert is a BAFTA nominated British television scriptwriter, director and producer who joined the BBC in 1969 as a Production Director to help to set up the Open University and who between 1979 and 1983 made a number of documentaries about the excavation and raising of the Mary Rose.

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