Tim Tyler's Luck (serial)

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Tim Tyler's Luck
TimTyler'sLuck JunglePirates.jpg
Directed by Ford Beebe
Wyndham Gittens
Written byWyndham Gittens
Norman S. Hall
Ray Trampe
Lyman Young
Produced by Henry MacRae
Elmer Tambert (associate)
Starring Frankie Thomas
Frances Robinson
Jack Mulhall
Al Shean
Norman Willis
Cinematography Jerome Ash
Edited by Saul A. Goodkind (supervisor)
Joseph Gluck
Louis Sackin
Alvin Todd
Music by William Schiller
Clifford Vaughan
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • December 27, 1937 (1937-12-27)
Running time
12 chapters (212 minutes)
CountryUnited States

Tim Tyler's Luck (1937) is a Universal movie serial based on the comic strip Tim Tyler's Luck.



Tim Tyler stows away on a ship bound for Africa to find his father, Professor James Tyler. He meets, and is joined by, Lora Lacey, who is chasing the criminal "Spider" Webb, the man responsible for framing her brother.


Critical reception

Author Raymond William Stedman considers Tim Tyler's Luck to be perhaps the best of Universal's "Jungle Thrillers." Tim Tyler's Luck has good direction and convincing performances. The serial has quiet moments balancing the action, which was rare for a serial. The characterization is more nuanced than "might have been expected in an action serial". [1]

Chapter titles

  1. Jungle Pirates
  2. Dead Man's Pass
  3. Into the Lions' Den
  4. The Ivory Trail
  5. Trapped in the Quicksands
  6. The Jaws of the Jungle
  7. The King of the Gorillas
  8. The Spider Caught
  9. The Gates of Doom
  10. A Race for a Fortune
  11. No Man's Land
  12. The Kimberley Diamonds

Source: [2]

DVD release

All 12 chapters were released on a single DVD on February 28, 2006 with special features including a 2005 interview with Frankie Thomas, bios, the original theatrical trailer, and bonus classic cliffhanger trailers.

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